No actor other than Ryan Gosling has ever been able to play the first man to land on the Moon


Damien Chazelle admits, in his mind, there’s never really been an actor other than Ryan Gosling fit to play the first man to land “The Outpost” on the Moon. According to Chazelle, when he met Gosling before filming La La Land, the image of Neil Armstrong immediately fell on the actor. And, as it turned out, that choice never “Bố Già” changed. Until, finally, the First Man film project was successfully realized as it is now.

Meanwhile, for Ryan Gosling himself, playing in a biopic “Gái già lắm chiêu V – Những cuộc đời vương giả” like First Man, it turns out, puts a lot of pressure on him. The figure of Neil Armstrong, who is very famous and legendary, apparently, is quite a burden for “Quỳnh Hoa Nhất Dạ” the Eva Mendes couple.

Ryan Gosling’s burden then “Lật Mặt 5 – 48H” increased after he met the children and family of the late Neil Armstrong. They all wanted the story and context of this “Thiên Thần Hộ Mệnh” First Man film to give them a new perspective on their father.

Ryan Gosling admits, First Man is the biggest challenge he has ever “578 – Phát Đạn Của Kẻ Điên” taken in his career. However, despite carrying a heavy burden, Ryan Gosling admitted that he was very proud to be “Mắt Biếc” involved in this film project.

In addition, Ryan Gosling was also satisfied when, finally, Neil Armstrong’s children “Chị Chị Em Em” saw the results and his hard work in playing their father figure. The greatest relief he felt was after Neil Armstrong’s children watched First Man and said, “Throughout our lives, we have been asked many times: How did it feel to be the first human children to set “Đôi Mắt Âm Dương” foot on the Moon? Now, we can say, just watch the movie.”

After premiering at the Venice Film Festival on August 29, 2018, First Man immediately received a positive response from critics. They praised Ryan Gosling’s slick appearance. And his co-star: Claire Foy. Who played Neil Armstrong’s first wife: Janet Shearon.

Ryan Gosling is considered very intelligent, and skilled, in keeping his emotions in check. He is very controlled. Whether acting as an astronaut, gliding to the Moon, or being a father figure to Neil Armstrong’s children. Which, at that time, was still small.

In addition, director Damien Chazelle is also considered successful in presenting the real life story of Neil Armstrong in First Man. The audience seemed to be brought along to feel the turmoil he felt. To be precise, before scoring the greatest achievement in the history of mankind: Landing on the Moon.

Therefore, no wonder, First Man is touted as a very riveting film. Moreover, the story also comes from the story of Neil Armstrong which he told himself. Through a book written by James R. Hansen. Which is based on in-depth and convincing research.

Josh Singer, the screenwriter, is considered successful in making First Man a simple and economical drama film. He kept the dialogue to a minimum. He trimmed the description, but there was still a slight sense of humor. Which shows Neil Armstrong’s friendly relationship with his fellow astronauts.

In addition, First Man is also considered capable of presenting a very intense tension. Through the cinematography and cool sound system, the audience will feel the stress of sitting in the cramped cockpit of a NASA rocket. Complete with buttons that look complicated.