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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Original Plans for Black Adam and Shazam Joint Movie
Though Black Adam ‘s solo movie will eventually hit the big screen , the original plan for his introduction into the DC Cinematic Universe involved putting the anti-hero alongside Shazam in the same movie. However, Warner decided to cancel his plans and give Dwayne Johnson a solo movie.

Despite the fact that the epic movie will no longer see the light of day, Johnson revealed to Vanity Fair some of the original plans that contemplated making a crossover project between Black Adam and Shazam where the origin of the characters would be presented within the same. history.

However, the actor explained that when he read the script he suggested to Warner Bros. that he make the Shazam movie alone and they will consider making one separate from Black Adam to let the mythology of that character be further explained and they could play with it. a lighter, more comical tone for the movie

When will they meet?
Black Adam will follow the origin story of Teth-Adam and how he goes from being a slave to Khandaq to becoming one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Meanwhile, the plot of the second part of Shazam! It is still kept secret and the only thing we know is that the story will focus on three sisters: Kalypso (Lucy Liu), Hespera (Hellen Mirren), and Anthea (Rachel Zegler), the daughters of the god Atlas who will be the new and mysterious villains . by Shazam.

At the moment, both movies are going their separate ways, but since they are the movies that will restructure the entire DC Comics Universe, it is likely that at some point Black Adam and Shazam may meet, in order to further expand the DCEU and give it a shared continuity. to their superheroes, since at the moment they are the only ones, apart from The Flash, who seem to be part of a larger universe interconnected with each other.