News Dwayne Johnson Becomes Gen Z’s Favorite Hollywood Actor and the Fate of Black Adam in the Hands of James Gunn


Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is the most favorite actor of generation Z, based on a survey some time ago. He beat Tom Holland, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr.
These results were obtained through the Morning Consult survey which was given to 1,000 US youth aged 13 to 25 years. They were consulted on 35 actors and 35 internet content creators.

The survey then showed Dwayne Johnson at the top with a favorability rating of 65, followed by Tom Holland (58), Johnny Depp (56), Robert Downey Jr. (52), and Emma Watson (49).

Six to 10 places went to Chris Hemworth (45), Samuel L. Jackson (45), Tom Hanks (44), Chris Evans (43) and Scarlett Johansson (39).

The survey results also show that most of Gen Z’s favorite actors have starred in superhero films, especially in the DC and Marvel universes, such as Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam, then Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Likewise, Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel films, followed by Chris Evans who plays Captain America, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Meanwhile, Tom Hanks has also been known through many films, such as in Forrest Gump, then voiced Woody in the Toy Story films.

Emma Watson is also known for her iconic role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is best known as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Separately, Dwayne Johnson responded to the survey results. He thanked Gen Z for choosing him as their favorite actor.

“Thank you Gen Z for choosing this big, tan, bald, tattooed Gen X as your #1,” Dwayne Johnson tweeted Thursday (22/12).

“I will continue to work hard to provide you with entertainment and comfort, including good tequilla if you are over 21. Thank you again. It means a lot.”

According to the Pew Research Center, Gen Z begins with those born in 1997. Thus, the millennial generation ends with those born in 1996.

Dwayne Johnson reveals the fate of Black Adam in the future of DC which is currently in the hands of James Gunn. The actor said it would not be seen from the first act of their story, but that there is still a possibility of a comeback.

“James Gunn and I have spoken and Black Adam will not be part of the first chapter of his story,” Dwayne Johnson said via Twitter, Tuesday (20/12).

“However, DC and [production house] Seven Bucks have agreed to continue to explore the most valuable ways that Black Adam can be used in future chapters of the DC multiverse.”

Dwayne Johnson says he has known James Gunn for years and has always supported each other’s success.

Gunn’s decision not to involve Black Adam, Johnson said, would not keep him from supporting DC again.

“That makes no difference, and I will always support DC (and Marvel) to win and be successful,” said the 50-year-old actor.

“These decisions were made by James and this DC leadership represents their vision of DCU through their creative lens,” he added.

At the end of his statement, Dwayne Johnson revealed his long journey of 15 years to make Black Adam a big screen film and can be watched all over the world.

He also did not forget to thank the fans for the positive response to the Black Adam film.

“I will always look back on the fans’ reaction to Black Adam with immense gratitude, humility and love,” Johnson said.

After Dwayne Johnson made that statement, James Gunn also gave a response. Through his personal Twitter account, Gunn can’t wait for his collaboration with Johnson in the future.

Some time ago, James Gunn caused a stir when he remodeled DC for future projects. One of them was when he made sure Henry Cavill didn’t return to wearing Superman’s red cape.

The decision shocked netizens to the point that Gunn opened his mouth about the public’s reaction.

“Our choice for DCU is based on what we believe is best for DC stories and characters that have been around for almost 85 years,” said James Gunn via his personal Twitter account, Monday (19/12).

“Maybe this is a good choice, maybe not, but it was made with a sincere heart, integrity, and always focused on the story in the mind,” he continued.

The director of The Suicide Squad admits that he is used to being harassed and ridiculed, although he doesn’t justify it. But, says James Gunn, “Impolite protests will never influence our actions.”