New movies and series on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ for the weekend (September 24)


Like every week, we round up the best premiere movies and series on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ to watch the weekend of September 24, 2021.

Autumn is officially starting, with the temperature slowly dropping and there’s a desire for more relaxed plans at home wrapped up in enjoying the news that the major streaming platforms have to offer today.

We kick off the premiere of Netflix’s best Spanish with Jaguar, a Spanish series starring Blanca Suárez, Iván Marcos, scar Casas, Francesc Garrido, and Adrián Lastra set in Madrid in the 60s.

Among the best new Netflix series, we also have The Squid Game, a South Korean series that, while it’s true that it premiered last weekend, didn’t get much attention.

To date, little by little it has made such a big impact among its users that it has become one of the most viewed products on the platform today.

The series tells the story of Seong Gi-hun, an outcast who lives poorly with his mother and who is in so much debt that he cannot deal with it.

His luck seems to change when he is invited to win money playing against a man, who then offers to join a much bigger game.

Seong Gi-hun will end up with hundreds of competitors in a complex isolated from the world where he must compete, either alone or as a team, in six children’s games.

We hit the series premiere on HBO Spain with The Flash season 7, the first Arrow spin-off series with which the DC series universe known as Arrowverso began to take shape.

The series revolves around Barry Allen, a forensic technician who, after an accident when hit by an accelerating particle beam, gains incredible superhuman speed, becoming the superhero Flash.

With the help of his fellow STAR Labs, Barry will hunt down other metahumans who are using their powers for evil.

Amazon Prime Video
As for Amazon Prime Video’s most notable releases, we have them in the Most Dangerous Game catalog, a series starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz.

The plot follows Dodge Maynard, a man who, desperate to secure the future of his pregnant wife before a deadly disease prevents her forever, agrees to play a dangerous game.

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Sledujte Zbožňovaný (2021) Celý Film online HD zdarma CZ Titulky

Sledujte Duna (2021) Celý Film online HD zdarma CZ Titulky

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However, soon Dodge will discover that in the deadly game he is in, he is not the hunter, but the hunted. Will he be able to get out of this dangerous hunt?

Disney Plus
Among the best Disney Plus Spanish premieres, standard episodes What would happen if …? (What if…?) .

This time we’re shown what would happen if Thor were raised as an only child without Loki’s company, turning the God of Deception into an irresponsible (albeit a lot of fun) partygoer. You can read here our review of What would happen if…? Chapter 7 .

Another of the best new series in Disney Plus Spain season 10 of American Horror Stories, whose title is officially Red Tide.

The series follows a writer who temporarily moves with his pregnant wife and young daughter to the remote seaside town of Boston with the idea of ​​relaxing and writing the script for a pilot episode of a series.

But as usual in the series, strange events soon begin to occur at the venue, where in addition to discovering very strange behavior among the locals, some mysterious and threatening creatures begin to attack his family.

From what has been shown on their official poster, this season will mix vampires and aliens, so everything is promising.

In the best Disney Plus Spanish premieres, we find Drive, the considered cult film starring Ryan Gosling.

The story follows a mysterious man who works at a repair shop by day and acts as a stunt double for movies, but at night he sometimes takes on a driving job helping out criminals.Don’t get out of robbery and robbery.

But without a doubt, Disney Plus’ most famous Spanish premiere is Star Wars Visions, an animated series produced by several Japanese studios where each episode is an independent story with a different animation style. Here is our review of Star Wars Visions.

With this, we conclude our review of the best premiere movies and series on Netflix, HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus Spain for the weekend of September 24, 2021.

Which of all of these new things has caught your eye especially to enjoy lately?