New April 2022 Drakor Broadcast Schedule, There Shin Min Ah-Kim Woo Bin


Chingu, April is at hand. It time, Drakor Movie provides a list of the latest Korean dramas that are scheduled to air in April.

The genres vary, from law to slice of life. The stars are no less beautiful. A line of artists such as Shin Min Ah, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Byung Hun, to Lee Joon Gi drama comeback in April. Come on, check out the complete list below, OK!

1. It Beautiful Now

Three brothers who initially did not want to get married, suddenly changed their minds after their parents offered an apartment for their child who was getting married for the first time.

The drama It Beautiful Now starring Oh Min Suk, Yoon Si Yoon, and Seo Bum June will air on KBS2 starting April 2.

2. Bravo, My Life

Bravo, My Life tells the story of a girl named Seo Dong Hee (Nam Sang Ji) who dreams of becoming a designer. Even though Seo Dong Hee comes from an underprivileged family, he has a pleasant personality.

Bravo, My Life will air on KBS1 starting April 11.

3. Love All Play

The light sports drama will air on April 20. Love All Play , starring Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, tells the story of two badminton athletes who join the same club.

4. Tomorrow

Two grim reapers join a crisis management team. However, this grim reaper is tasked with saving the lives of those who end their own lives.

The drama Tomorrow starring Rowoon and Kim Hee Sun is ready to air on MBC starting April 1.

5. House of Secrets

The drama House of Secrets tells of the revenge action of a lawyer who investigates his missing mother by uncovering the secrets around her.

The MBC drama, starring Seo Ha Joon, Lee Young Eun, Kim Jung Hun, and Kang Byul, is scheduled to premiere on April 11.

6. From Now Showtime!

Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo are ready to become a romantic couple in the drama From Now Showtime! In this MBC drama, Park Hae Jin plays a magician who can see and communicate with supernatural beings. Meanwhile, Jin Ki Joo plays a police officer who works with a magician to solve cases.

From Now Showtime! is set to premiere on April 23.

7. Again My Life

A great prosecutor was killed by a mysterious figure, but he managed to rise and come back to life. The drama Again My Life stars Lee Joon Gi, Lee Kyoung Young, and Kim Ji Eun.

The drama Again My Life airs on SBS starting April 8.

8. Our Blues

Our Blues tells the story of a group of people living on Jeju Island. Lee Dong Seok (Lee Byung Hun) who sells is suddenly involved in the life of Min Sun Ah (Shin Min Ah) which is full of secrets.

There is also Choi Han Soo (Cha Seung Won), a nomad who returns to Jeju and meets his first love, Jung Eun Hee (Lee Jung Eun). Jung Eun Hee is good friends with Go Mi Ran (Uhm Jung Hwa). There is also Lee Young Ok (Han Ji Min), a female driver who is surrounded by unpleasant rumors around him. A ship captain named Park Jung Joon (Kim Woo Bin) falls in love with Lee Young Ok.

The drama Our Blues will premiere on April 9.

9. Shooting Stars

A head of the public relations team of an artist agency is involved in a romantic relationship with a male artist he is raising. The male artist, who is always friendly in public, actually gets angry easily.

Shooting Stars starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae will air on April 22

10. The Killer Shopping List

Lee Kwang Soo, AOA Seolhyun, and Jin Hee Kyung will be coloring the small screen starting April 27 through the tvN drama, The Killer Shopping List. This drama tells the story of an investigation into a murder case that occurred near the MS Mart supermarket. The only clue I got was the MS Mart receipt.

11. Green Mothers’ Club

You can see the friendship of the five mothers on JTBC through the drama Green Mothers’ Club. These five mothers have children who are currently in elementary school. They have problems they can’t get through on their own.

Green Mothers’ Club starring Le Yo Won, Choo Ja Hyun, Kim Gyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung will premiere on April 6.

12. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes tells the story of three brothers who want to leave the village of Sanpo. The three then meet a strange man who suddenly appears in their lives.

My Liberation Notes stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Suk Ku. This JTBC drama premiered on April 9.

13. Monstrous

Monstrous tells the story of a group of people who are interested in the supernatural that should not appear in the world. The archaeologists were then curious and pursued the supernatural that they had never known before.

Monstrous , starring Goo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Bin, begins airing April 29.

Those are the series of April 2022 drama broadcast schedules. Which one are you most waiting for?