Netizens Are Frustrated With HYBE And YG Who Keep Silence About V BTS And Jennie BLACKPINK’s Photos


With The Release Of New Photos And Accusations That BTS’s V Has Attended The Listening Party For BLACKPINK’s New Album, Netizens Are Voicing Their Frustration Over The Silence Of Their Respective Labels.

Since the first photo allegedly of BTS ‘s V and BLACKPINK ‘s Jennie leaked in May this year, fans have been anxiously waiting for YG Entertainment or HYBE to respond, but to no avail. Even until the latest foot leaked again, the two big agencies remained silent.

With recent photos of the two idols being leaked together and further accusations that BTS’s V had attended the listening party for BLACKPINK’s new album, netizens are voicing their frustration over their respective labels’ silence regarding their dating allegations.

Since silence has always been YG Entertainment’s disposition when it comes to dating rumors of their artists, it’s not surprising that they are very secretive about the rumors. Even so, fans stated it would be unfair to them for the label to remain silent while evidence of the alleged couple was shared online.

Fans flocked to online forums to express their displeasure with V and Jennie’s agencies. Some netizens even accused the label of playing with fans’ emotions.

“If you are going to do this, then admit it. You made it so clear to the world. By remaining silent, it is the fans who suffer,” said a netizen. “They should just admit it. It’s not cool to date publicly and not admit it. Everyone knows they are dating,” another commented. They should know that there will be rumors if V attends the party, but he still goes,” added another.

“The labels are silent, hackers are going crazy, international fans are still denying the photos are real, and in the middle of all this, he’s going to a listening party , keke. I’m tired of it all. I just hate it all,” added another. . . . . . . . .