Netflix’s la casa de papel 3 new characters for season 5!


Netflix unveiled the new characters
La casa de papel is already preparing to land on Netflix with its fifth season. That’s why he unveiled the new characters.

La casa de papel will return to Netflix with the first part of its fifth season, which will be on view from September 3. This new part, which will be divided in two and will take us to the end of the story, will feature new characters. After such a long wait, the streaming platform has finally revealed what role they will play in the series.

René is Miguel Ángel Silvestre
More than once fans have heard Tokio talk about René. With this man, Úrsula Corberó’s character began to change; Furthermore, she also traveled and enjoyed life with him. Finally, La casa de papel will put a face on this man who has been so named in history. The actor who will bring René to life is Miguel Ángel Silvestre. “The last time I saw him I left him in a pool of blood with his eyes open,” Tokio says on the show, so either we know if René survived or we’ll know him as a memory.

Rafael played by Patrick Criado
On the other hand, another character who joins La casa de papel is Rafael. Actor Patrick Criado will be responsible for bringing this young man, who is the son of Berlin, to life. In the first episode of the first season, Berlin compares his son to “a nuclear warhead that will destroy everything”. Today, Rafael is 31 years old and studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts. For this reason, he has only one aspiration in life: not to be like his father. When we meet him again in the fifth season of La casa de papel, we will also meet the gang, who stayed 100 hours inside the Bank of Spain, we will see the professor get captured by Sierra and he will have to face to a new enemy: the army.

Sagasta played by José Manuel Seda
The third character to join the fifth season of La casa de papel is Sagasta, played by José Manuel Seda. That said, this character can be defined by the men he killed. He is a born leader that his men will not hesitate to follow until the end, because when he puts on the uniform, he becomes an analytical, cold and ruthless spirit capable of ignoring any ethics or morals.

La casa de papel returns to Netflix with Part 1 of Part 5 on September 3 and will end with Part 2 three months later on December 3.


La casa de papel season 5 Nairobi pregnant with the Professor !!

The fan theory on season 5 of La casa de Papel
The fan theory about La casa de Papel’s fifth season is set to land on Netflix in 2 parts, the first in September and the second in December. The resistance is tested and the gang is at their wit’s end. All seems lost, at least from what we’ve seen from the trailer … but the last word is yet to be said.

Who will win the war? We will soon find out.
While waiting for September 3 (release date of the first volume), other fan theories come to spice up the already complex and spectacular plot of the Netflix series. One of those theories is about Nairobi (yes, everyone really misses her). As we recall in the flashback, Nairobi asks the Professor if he can be the biological father of her future child. In fact, before the Bank of Spain heist, we remember that the girl didn’t have a man in her life (although we were hoping she would have her happy ending with Bogota) and, well that she hasn’t been the best mom in previous years, she realizes that’s all she ever wanted.

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She thus speaks about it to Sergio, asking him this favor, which the professor accepts. Unfortunately, this dream will never come true, since the European Union has decided to make it a priority. [ SPOILER ] Nairobi is killed by Gandia. But we all assumed the new motherhood would be a postponed project after the heist.

But what if Nairobi was already pregnant during the heist?
One of the last statements by Alvaro Morte (who plays the Professor) on La casa de Papel season 5 has made fans suspicious. Brings a dose of reality that anything can happen and contributes to the element of surprise, ”said Dead, before adding jokingly her twist: “The professor was going to have a child with Nairobi… but that’s another story.”

This theory is also supported by the fact that in the last scene where we see Nairobi, that of the afterlife where he meets Berlin, Moscow and Oslo, he has a baby bump. So, could all of this be true? We will have to wait until September 3 to find out more!