Netflix Series That Raise the Issue of Bullying, Full of Moral Messages


Bullying is an unacceptable behavior that often occurs around us. Many people commit acts of bullying either intentionally or unintentionally under the guise of joking. In fact, not all can accept it, let alone to hurt feelings and physically.

Luckily, today more people are aware of the issue of bullying. In fact, not a few films and series that raise this serious issue in order to make people aware.

One of them is a streaming platform, namely Netflix, which produces serials with the theme of bullying quite often. The following five Netflix series include the issue of bullying in the story.

Cobra Kai
Not only giving nostalgia to fans of the 80s film The Karate Kid , Cobra Kai also raises the issue of bullying that often occurs in schools. At school, it is often the popular class and students who are easy targets for bullying. However, all caste is lost when the new kid fights his bully with karate.

Miguel, who was bullied by popular children, learns karate to protect himself. He invited his friends who had been victims of bullying to learn karate. Cobra Kai also shows former victims of bullying slowly turning into bullies.

The Cobra Kai series , starring Xolo Mariduena and Tanner Buchanan, teaches the audience to fight all forms of bullying by not being a coward. This spin-off from The Karate Kid has been airing for four seasons from 2018 until now.

Insatiable tells the story of a female student named Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) who is often bullied because of her physical appearance. Until finally something happened that made him lose a lot of weight. Patty also felt that everyone treated her differently when she was thin.

Patty finally takes revenge on the people who once bullied her, ranging from participating in beauty contests to defeat to trying to snatch her lover. Some scenes in the Insatiable series are indeed a picture of today, people are more concerned with the physical than one’s character.

Anne With an E
Anne With an E is an adaptation of the classic Lucy Maud Montgomery published in 1908. The series follows Anne, an orphan who is adopted by the Cuthbert family by accident. Although at first her presence was not accepted, Anne later became part of Green Gables.

The series is set in the 19th century, where men were considered dominant and women had not yet received equality. Anne, who is an adopted child, is often bullied by male students at her school. Anne is also a critical figure so she is often considered different.

People sometimes see differences as something wrong. Not infrequently those who are considered different also get unpleasant treatment, as happened to Anne. Anne herself was never silent when bullied, she always rose to defend herself.