Netflix reveals the release date of ‘Tiger and Bunny 2’


After a decade-long hiatus, Tiger and Bunny fans will surely be happy to hear about the return of season 2, part two. Even though anime fans have to go through long breaks between seasons of their beloved shows, the timeline with this one was just too long.

Tiger and Bunny Bags A massive fandom

Several spin-offs, movies, and sequels have been produced in the 10 years since the first season of this anime series aired. However, fans finally got to see the return of the original show for its second season on Netflix. This Japanese anime movie is available in two parts and the first part aired in April 2022.

According to Comic Book , Tiger and Bunny initially premiered in April 2011 and was simulcast on Viz Media, Hulu, and Anime News Network before it arrived in 2017 on Netflix. With a gigantic chunk of attention diverted to my hero academia as it gears up for season 6, tiger and bunny have surely carved a niche for themselves. At the moment, Japanese anime enjoys a 7.4/10 rating on IMDB with a 7.66/10 on My Anime List.

The second part of season 2 of the Japanese anime premieres soon on Netflix
The anime series began as a television series before it became a manga. The show was revived by Sunrise Studio. It’s the same animation house that has created legendary animated franchises like MobileSuit Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, and Gintama.


The second part of the last season will soon arrive on Netflix. And fans are sure to see the heroes enjoying some wild adventures anime. According to Tiger and Bunny official Twitter account, fans can expect the latest episodes of this anime series to air on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

Voiced by Masakazu Morita and Hiroaki Hirata, the latest season brings back the same excitement and adventures. tiger and bunny Season 2 consists of 25 individual episodes. Season 2 was divided into two parts, the first part had 13 episodes and 12 in its second part.

Tiger and Bunny Season One Available to Stream on Netflix
The first season of the anime series is available for fans to stream on Netflix. Fans can also tune in to the first part of Season 2. The streaming service provider released an official description for the Japanese anime movie.