Netflix Reportedly Pays 1 Million Won For Owner Of ‘Squid Game’ Phone Number Terrorized By Viewers


The Owner Of The Phone Number That Appeared In ‘Squid Game’ Received Thousands Of Terror From The Audience. Responding To Problems That Harm The Owner Of This Number, Netflix Promises To Solve It.

Netflix is ​​now experiencing problems regarding the phone numbers that appear in the popular series ” Squid Game “. The number turns out to be actively owned by several users if a certain area code is added. Because of that, the owner of the number got thousands of terror from the audience.

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Responding to problems that harm the owner of this number, Netflix promises to solve it. In addition, attention is also drawn to the settlement amount of 1 million won (approximately Rp. 12.1 million) mentioned in the Netflix statement.

On Friday (24/9), the media Money Today reported that there were several victims who received many anonymous calls because of the scene from “Game Squid”. According to the report, victim A complained about how painful it was to receive 2,000 calls and SMS in a day.

The audience who pranked the owner of the phone number was said to be mostly young teenagers. They call victim “A” all the time, cursing and saying things like, I’m going to participate in the Squid Game.

In fact, “A” was not the only victim. Another victim, “B”, is also the target of prank calls because “B” has a cell phone number similar to the one in “Squid Game”. It is said that “B” received prank calls starting from September 17th.

“B” claimed, The next day, I asked Netflix to resolve this situation and they mentioned a settlement amount of 1 million won. I think they tried to pay around 3 million won for damages under the Personal Information Protection Act and put an end to this matter. I even asked for an order to ban the broadcast, but they said it was difficult to do so. It seems they want to make a deal rather than deal with a lawsuit.

In the case of victim “C”, who has another number similar to the one in “Squid Game”, he complains that this situation is unreasonable having been using the phone number for 10 years. In addition, “C” reported that he was constantly being contacted 24 hours a day, draining his battery in just half a day.

In response to the damage, Netflix stated, Both Netflix and production company Siren Pictures are aware of this issue. We will do our best to resolve this. However, the damage continues to increase and no practical solution has been put in place.

Netflix denies being contacted by the original owner of the phone number in 'Squid Game'

Netflix Denies Being Contacted By The Original Owner Of The Phone Number In ‘Squid Game’

Due To The Popularity Of ‘Squid Game’, The Owner Of The Phone Number That Appeared In The Drama Has Received Many Messages And Calls Within 24 Hours, Which Affected His Daily Activities.

The popularity of ” Squid Game ” apparently cannot be separated from various problems that come. One of them is about the phone number that appears in the Netflix original drama. It turned out that the phone number belonged to someone in the real world.

Due to the popularity of “Squid Game”, the victim of the owner of that phone number has received many messages and calls within 24 hours, which greatly affects his daily activities. He recently had to delete about 4000 different numbers.

This is a number I’ve been using for over 10 years, so I’m quite surprised, ‘ said the victim.

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The victim’s phone also quickly ran out of battery due to excess calls and incoming messages. The victim claimed to have contacted Netflix and Cyron Pictures, producers of “Squid Game” but could not be reached.

The complaint from the victim of the owner of this phone seems to have been immediately responded to by Netflix, which confirmed that it was trying to solve the problem. However, Netflix vehemently denied the victim’s claim that he had not been contacted.

However, the victim’s claim that they can’t even report the situation because they can’t contact us is not true, Netflix said.

On the other hand, disclosing someone’s personal information such as a phone number, is actually prohibited by law. A lawyer claims that while it’s hard to say without a proper verdict, there are indeed areas where Netflix has violated the law.

Meanwhile, the storyline of “Squid Game” revolves around the participants of a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion KRW. The play also received a score of 100 percent fresh tomatoes on Rotten Tomatoes by experts and 8.3/10 on IMDb with nearly 9.6K votes.