Netflix Movies Airing Next December, Must Wait!


December is synonymous with Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s no wonder that many films with these two themes will be released in December. Apart from being entertaining, these films are also suitable to watch on holidays with the family.

Even so, of course there are still several other genre shows that you can enjoy. Like the following five films that you can watch on Netflix in December.

The Power of the Dog : The Power of the Dog is a drama film which is an adaptation of the novel by Thomas Savage of the same name. This film is studded with famous stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. The film, which is directed by Jane Campion, has already premiered at the Venice Film Festival before being released on Netflix in early December.

The Power of the Dog takes place in the early 20th century in the Montana area, giving it a classic feel. This film tells the story of Phil Burbank, a ranch owner who is known to be cold and cruel. He harbored displeasure when his sister came home with a woman and her child. It was not uncommon for Phil to be rude to both of them. However, suddenly something happened that made his heart begin to soften.

The Whole Truth : Thai horror films are always worth waiting for, especially after the success of The Medium, which attracted audiences. The Whole Truth is a Netflix horror film that will be released on December 2. This film stars Sutatta Udomsilp who is indeed a specialist in horror, one of which is Laddaland .

After his mother is in a serious car accident, brothers Pim and Putt are forced to live with their grandmother. In addition to the remote place, there is a mysterious hole that just appears. The warm atmosphere in the house suddenly turned tense when Pim and Putt saw the mysterious hole.

The Unforgivable : A woman named Ruth Slater has just been released from prison after years of detention for violence. It is not easy for him to return to the neighborhood because of his past as an ex-convict. Ruth even faced various discriminations from the people around her.

Sandra Bullock plays the main character in The Unforgivable . His story describes the life of ex-convicts who are difficult to accept by society. No matter how strong the desire to change for the better, they will always be discriminated against.