Netflix is ​​going through a crisis: Disney + snatched a record from the streaming giant

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The giant Netflix is ​​going through one of its worst moments and since the arrival of Disney +, the competition has intensified and the platform, which was number one for a long time, lost a record that it had held for years.

Netflix premiered in recent days the series Stranger Thing 4 , School Tales and the documentary Los ladrones: the true story of the robbery of the century , which they assure will be a great success. However, other platforms, such as Disney +, appeared to compete in a market that is booming and has not yet reached its peak.

The Netflix platform , which for many years was at the top, is going through a crisis that has not been affected recently thanks to the 2-part launch of Stranger Thing 4 and has once again achieved a record as it was in in 2021 with the premiere of The Squid Game . So what is the digital platform crisis all about?

The N giant has decided in recent days to increase the monthly cost of using the digital platform and this has affected it because it has lost subscribers. In a new report for the third quarter of the year, it was learned that Walt Disney reached more than 221 million subscribers, thus displacing the digital content giant that barely exceeds 220 million subscribers. Keep in mind that the numbers of the American company refer to Disney + , ESPN and Hulu .

In the last quarter, Walt Disney added more than 14 million subscribers, thus exceeding the company’s expectations. The detailed figures that achieved this record are Disney + 152 million, ESPN 22 million and more than 46 million correspond to Hulu and Live Tv . For its part, Netflix had a loss of 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and could reach up to 2 million accounts canceled.

Netflix announced days ago an increase for those who share an account and do not live in the same household. But it is not the only platform, since Disney + will do the same and from December there will be 2 options for users.

The first option for Disney + users will be with advertising on the platform at a cost of US $ 7.99, the same that is charged now without advertising, and the second option will be without advertising and will have an increase of 3 dollars and its value will be US$10.99.