Netflix is ​​expanding its new viewing Serial I’m not Okay with This (2020)


Netflix is ​​expanding its new viewing by introducing the series I’m not Okay with This . Starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, this series focuses on the confused story of teenagers entering the adult world. The two met again after being the actor behind the success of Stephen King’s It film adaptation some time ago.

Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman and created by Christy Hall and The End of the F***ing World producer Jonathan Entwistle, this series focuses on Netflix’s signature teen stories. In addition to the retro colors like Sex Educatio n , the series has also brought the mystery of Rust Belt city with all the science fiction subplots like Stranger Things phenomenal.

The story focuses on Sydney Kovak (Sophia Lillith). Still recovering from the trauma caused by his father’s suicide, the family moves to a smaller town. The mother had to work hard to support their living so they were rarely at home.


He also has a best friend, Dina (Sofia Bryant), who also recently transferred to the same school. But Dina quickly became one of the popular girls. Sydney is approached by Stanley Barber (Wyatt Oleff), his neighbor. But there were other things that bothered him besides family and school matters; Sydney realizes that she has the power of telekinesis.

Show the awkwardness of teenagers
As time goes on, Sydney must learn to control her newly growing telekinetic powers. Especially with the dynamics of the plot and the new dangers that are starting to come to him. But don’t rush into imagining action scenes set in science fiction like Stranger Things . Because the first season arguably focused on Sydney’s emotional state as a teenager.


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The storyline is slow, where Sydney must deal with the death of her admired father, the loss of a best friend, and the arrival of a new crush. Lillis, who was known first as Beverly Marsh in It (2017) and It: Chapter Two (2019), managed to convey the sadness and frustration of losing teenagers when experiencing changes in their lives, and their bodies.

Several scenes and plots in this film capture the problems that occur in teenagers. There is a sense of confusion when finding new things, the joy of first love, to stories of friendship and awkward relationships. This impression is what makes this series into the story of teenagers in general.

First season or prequel?
It’s undeniable that this series has a lot in common with The End of the F***ing World and Stranger Things . Considering that both of them have the same producer and director, the similarities that can be seen from the teenage characters, the awkward story with a comedy wrap, as well as the refreshing orange colors.

Unfortunately, romance and drama take up more of the portion in the first season of the series I’m not Okay with This which only lasts about 20 minutes per episode. With a limited duration, the story given is quite solid. But since Sydney’s power is not really explored, the first 7 episodes just look like a prequel.

From the lack of duration of this series, there is one character who immediately steals the attention. It is Aidan Wojtak-Hisson who plays Liam Novak, Sydney’s younger brother. Characteristics that are drastically different from Sydney make Liam one of the characters that is quite interesting. There weren’t many appearances, but the calm Liam was like a silencer for Sydney’s explosive emotions.

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But behind the plot, which is still a little and a lot that may not have been explained in the first season, this hints at a promising second season. But of course if Netflix approves the return of Lillith, Olaff, Sofia, and cute Aidan in season two.

For its first season, the series I’m Not Okay with This is quite tempting. Although the story is fairly concise it looks like a prequel to the upcoming Sdyney saga. There is still a lot that can be developed from this latest teenlit series from Netflix. However, it takes more effort to attract the audience to science fiction genre youth stories in a relatively short duration.