Neither dukes nor viscounts: Netflix’s new heartthrob is Simone Susinna, from ‘365 days: That day’


“How long have you been working for my husband?” asks the actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka (Laura) to the actor Simone Susinna (Marcelo) in the trailer for the movie ‘365 DNI2’ (‘365 days: That day’) . The second, for all answer, opens his lips with a sinful smile and the first looks away, blushing. We still won’t hear the voice of the film’s new signing until minute 1.01 (pronounces a deep ‘Laura’). Enough for her to ask him to take her out of the place where she is while he approaches her, without taking his eyes off her, with a tight V-neck sweater that marks her pectorals.

This is the presentation of the Italian actor Simone Susinna in the sequel to ‘365 DNI’ (‘365 days’), the 2020 erotic drama that received disastrous ratings from specialized critics (Film Affinity and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a star over five; IMDb, 1.5) while consolidating itself as one of the great phenomena of the moment on Netflix, where it became one of the most viewed productions on the platform in several countries.

With a somewhat disturbing plot, not so far from the Almodovarian approach of ‘Tie Me Up’ but without humor and with much more morbidity (a mafia boss, Massimo, played by Michele Morrone , kidnaps the executive Laura Biel, offering her 365 days to falls in love with him), the new installment promises new intrigues, with a wedding in between (the protagonists get married), and signings such as Simone Susinna, who plays Marcelo ‘Nacho’ Matos , a Spaniard with a perfect body and face whose mission is, as you may have guessed, to shake the main couple and provoke sleeplessness beyond the screen with an earthquake of looks, biceps and Apollonian lips.

And who is Simone Susinna, the new heartthrob who promises to make us forget the Dukes of Hastings and Viscounts Bridgerton? She was born in Sicily 28 years ago and a large part of her professional career has been spent modeling (she works for the Heroes agency in New York). She has participated in ‘The Island of the Famous’ in her country. Her great dream was always acting, something that will now come true.

In January 2022, her name jumped into the pink press for her alleged relationship with the Spanish model Desiré Cordero, something that other media denied, assuring that the former Miss Spain was actually dating another young model.

By the way, we will meet Simone, in his role as Marcelo ‘Nacho’ Matos from next April 27, when the movie ‘365 days: That day’ premieres on Netflix.

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