Negotiations dead end, Andreas Christensen cancels his stay at Chelsea?


New news has circulated regarding the extension of Andreas Christensen’s contract at Chelsea . The Danish national team defender is reportedly moving away from Chelsea after contract negotiations stalled.

Christensen is currently a crucial figure for Chelsea. Since being coached by Thomas Tuchel, the defender has successfully become a strong fortress for Chelsea’s defense.

Christensen’s tenure at Stamford Bridge will end in 2022. Chelsea have stated that they want to extend the defender’s contract.

The Telegraph claims that the negotiating situation for Christensen’s new contract is going tough. At the moment the defender is closer to leaving Chelsea.

Change mind
According to the report, initially Christensen had agreed to an offer from Chelsea. But suddenly the defender changed his mind.

He reportedly demanded a higher salary. Because after weighing, he feels his salary is still relatively small when compared to other Chelsea core players.

In addition, Christensen initially agreed on a five-year contract. But at this time he only asked for a three-year contract.

Still Happy
In his latest interview, Christensen said he was still happy at Chelsea. He admitted that he wanted to stay longer at Stamford Bridge.

He was happy to be trusted by Thomas Tuchel. He also assesses his game is growing with the Blues.

He also said his relationship with the club was fine. So he hopes that his new contract will expire soon.

Great Performance
Thanks to his slick performance, Christensen succeeded in making Chelsea appear mighty in the Premier League. The Blues are the most consistent team until November 2021.

They now sit in first place in the EPL standings. They are three points adrift of Man City in second place.

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Chelsea confident of tying Andreas Christensen to a new contract

Clubs Premier League , Chelsea is reported increasingly confident to maintain Andreas Christensen . They are reported to be a little closer to locking the defender’s new contract.

Christensen is currently an important figure in the Chelsea squad. He became one of Thomas Tuchel’s mainstay at the heart of the Blues defense.

Christensen’s contract at Chelsea expires in 2022. Chelsea management is known to have held a number of negotiations so that the Danish national team defender wants to extend his career at Stamford Bridge.

Reported by Football Insider, Chelsea’s efforts bear fruit. They will soon tie the defender to a new contract.

Got Choked
According to the report, the negotiation process between Chelsea and Christensen’s agent had stalled.

This is because the Chelsea offer a contract that is too small. Although basically there is a salary increase for the defender.

Christensen was reportedly dissatisfied with the offer, so the negotiation process was tough.

According to the report, the situation is now starting to change.

Recently, Chelsea representatives contacted Christensen’s father who incidentally was the player’s agent. They again discussed the defender’s new contract.

After a tough negotiation process, both parties were successful in reaching an agreement. So Christensen immediately signed a new contract at Chelsea.

Next Game
Christensen will most likely be back in action with Chelsea this weekend.

He will strengthen the Blues when dealing with Newcastle in the match week 10 of the EPL.