Naruto: If Itachi Fights Madara, Who Will Win?


Have you ever thought about how it would be if Itachi fought Madara?

Of course this will be an exciting and unique battle because both of them are great and talented Uchiha members.

Let’s imagine if the two of them fought each other.

1. Kishimoto never commented on Itachi being able to beat Madara
Before we start, we must remember that there was a rumor going around about Itachi vs Madara.

The rumor said that Itachi could beat Madara and that said this was Masashi Kishimoto.

The truth about this rumor is still in doubt because there is no reliable source that explains that Kishimoto ever said this.

2. It is estimated that the Rinnegan cannot be affected by genjutsu
There has been no official statement yet, but it is estimated that the Rinnegan cannot be hit or trapped by genjutsu .

The reason is because the Rinnegan is the direct eye of the Otsutsuki descendant who has a myriad of God-like abilities, because it is believed that the owner of the Rinnegan eye cannot be affected by genjutsu .

Itachi, as a ninja who specializes in genjutsu , is clearly disadvantaged by this fact. Some of his powerful genjutsu like Izanami and Tsukuyomi would be difficult or even impossible to use on Madara.

But if it turns out that Rinnegan users can also be hit by genjutsu , then Itachi will be one step ahead to defeat Madara.

3. Itachi is superior in terms of tactics and strategy
Itachi was very smart and genius, especially to think fast.

This point could make Itachi superior to Madara.

Did you know that Rinnegan users can see through barriers but not inside smoke bombs?

If Itachi finds the Rinnegan’s weakness then he can offer resistance to Madara.

4. In terms of chakra count , Madara is the winner
If we say that Itachi is not sick and Madara doesn’t add Hashirama’s cells to his body, whose chakra is the strongest?

Here Madara is still superior even though Itachi is in good health.

Because Madara has a large amount of chakra , which is even on par with Hashirama.

Here we all agree that Madara is superior.

5. The second Susanoo battle will be super exciting
How could I not, both of Susano’o are among the strongest.

Itachi has several unique abilities in his Susano’o , namely the Totsuka sword which can seal everything it touches and the Yata no Kagami shield which is very strong and can withstand all jutsu attacks by changing the elements of the shield.

Madara also has a special Susanoo , moreover he can make many Susanoo , each of which is also strong.

Itachi said that Yasaka no Magatama in his Susanoo was the strongest ranged move he had, but Madara’s Susanoo also had this technique.

I myself still doubt that Itachi could easily seal Madara using Totsuka’s sword .

If both of them become perfect forms, the power of Madara’s perfect Susano’o is still very strong, while we only know Itachi’s perfect Susano’o from the game.

6. Hot fight in Uchiha’s signature jutsu , Fire
If the two of them fight in terms of the typical Uchiha jutsu , namely Fire, in my opinion it is balanced.

Madara has one of the most powerful Fire jutsu , namely Gouka Mekkyaku and also Gouka Meshhitsu .

But on the other hand Itachi also has several Fire techniques which are not only strong but also useful in battle like Amaterasu and a myriad of other Uchiha jutsus .

7. Pure Taijutsu , Madara is still above Itachi
If the abilities above are still doubtful, in the Taijutsu fight , Madara is shown to be above average.

When he was awakened as Edo Tensei , he was able to fight against hundreds of trained ninja from 5 villages using taijutsu .

Itachi is also good at close combat, but if he fights Madara in terms of Taijutsu , he will be on a different level.