Na Young-seok PD “Fifteen nights channel deficit..Production site? Our money is our only” Surprise [Oh!Ssen Review]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyeong] Producer Na Young-seok appeared on ‘Calm Man’ and delivered an honest unang system compared to TV.

On the 12th, Na Young-seok appeared on the Calm Man YouTube channel. On this day, the calm man asked Na Young-seok, “The TV is working well, but why do you want to go outside?” Na Young-seok said, “The trend keeps changing, and everyone else gets off at the station and takes the next train, but if I sit down because I feel comfortable in this seat, I can’t fall behind.” There is,” he said, showing that he was ahead of the times.

In response, the calm man said, “‘New Journey to the West’ had a different concept, but it went back to the original format.” When asked about the concept of ‘Fifteen Nights’, PD Na said, “I feel a sense of crisis. When I first started YouTube, it was so much fun. YouTube is stimulating. This platform is also dopamine addicted.” It appears that popularity is within reach.”

Among them, Na Young-seok, who cited the number of subscribers as making people addictive, said, “When the number of subscribers first reached 100,000 or 1 million, it felt like going to the mountain to pick up acorns. I was addicted without knowing it was there,” he said honestly.

Then, when he said that ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ seems to have a lot of advertisements, Na Young-seok said, “We have a lot of subscribers and the number of views is not bad, but when we settled last year, we were in the red. This structure is problematic. Since we do not receive PPL, the production cost is our money. “Recently, one person said, ‘Two-thirds of the people over there should not be there.’ But we can’t help it. There are things I can’t do differently than I did. It’s difficult and not easy.”

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