My Spy (2020) Film Review: A Cool Story ‘Big Guy Clever Girl’


After Stuber , Dave Bautista is back in the fun-filled action comedy. The film My Spy offers a mix of two very different characters, from Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman, but with a touching message and story. Although in terms of the story, it still seems predictable, the comedy and plot are still fun to follow.

The film My Spy tells the story of an action comedy about a tough CIA agent named Jason Jones or known as JJ (played by Dave Bautista) who explodes. His characteristics led him to be demoted from a spy agency to overseeing a house. He also meets Sophie (Chloe Coleman) who unmasks her as a secret agent.

JJ also makes a deal with Sophie not to unmask him by teaching him to be a spy. While spending time with Sophie, JJ learns that there are many things better than defeating criminals by force.

Combination of action and comedy
The strength of this film lies in the combination of comedy and action from the duo Batista and Coleman. Everything is combined with a light story, a little predictable, but still interesting to watch with the family. The plot and dynamics of the story are quite interesting, where the climax can be said to come unexpectedly

The charming plot tells about the friendship between JJ and Shope. The Shopie family, which was a little gloomy because they were separated after the departure of their father, began to color with the presence of JJ. And just like other comedy series, there is a little love story between Sophie’s mother (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and JJ which is also quite entertaining.

Other characters are also unique and have their own charm. Kristen Scaal plays JJ’s new partner who offers a strong comedic feel. And one more thing, veteran Hollywood actor, Ken Jeong, who became CIA chief, David Kim, looks different from his other roles.

Hollywood ‘general story’
A typical big guy movie with a smart girl is a story mode that is easily found in Hollywood family films recently. There’s Wreck-It Ralph (2012) and Bumblebee (2018) with almost the same message: sometimes violence can’t solve problems. This also happened to My Spy .

The two have very opposite characters, but in the end complement each other. JJ, who was originally known as a tough and cool agent, turned out to have a soft side. Sophie, who is initially gloomy and quiet, turns out to be a bright, cheerful child and even has a spy skill no less than JJ’s.

The plot and comedy are still entertaining, considering this film is intended for families with a PG (Parental Guidance) rating where some of the jokes are quite mature. Unfortunately, you can feel the light story makes this film has some predictable moments.

But overall, the film My Spy managed to offer fun entertainment to watch with the family. The charm of this film lies in the mix of tone and genre, providing jokes that are presented throughout the story. Action juxtaposed with jokes and comedy combined with a story that is quite interesting, although lighter than other detective films.