Must Watch! These are 4 reasons why Aggretsuko anime is really related to your life


Have you ever been told that when you’re older, how come you watch cartoons? If so, those who say they think cartoons or anime are just for kids. In fact, there is an anime called Aggretsuko which tells about the adult life of an office.

The anime, which airs on Netflix’s video on demand service , tells the story of the main character named Retsuko, the red panda and his anxiety as an employee. Do you think the story is relevant or not, are you the employee?


Office life is stressful : Retsuko works in the accounting department. He has worked there for 5 years. Her office life is pathetic because Retsuko can’t say “no” like most other people. As a result, he is often the target of his boss’s anger until he is asked to make drinks which is not his job.

In addition, the senior colleagues also use Retsuko to complete their work. Not infrequently an excessive workload makes Retsuko have to come home late at night to her apartment.


Have a supportive office friend : Indeed, Retsuko’s days at the office were stressful. However, in her division, Retsuko still has good friends. They are a fox named Fenneko and a spotted hyena named Haida. The characters of Fenneko and Haida are also similar to the types of office friends in real life.

Fenneko is never separated from her cellphone which is a source of information about what is going on in the environment and outside the office. Fenneko is very analytical in observing every post on social media. As for Haida, he often can’t stand Retsuko, who has a hard time refusing impromptu assignments, so he often helps Retsuko.

Have a stress-relieving hobby : Due to the heavy pressure at work, Retsuko has a secret hobby! Almost every time he comes home from work, he stops by a karaoke place to sing death metal songs . Singing with all her body and soul made Retsuko feel more relieved because she had released her emotions.

The karaoke ritual was initially unknown to his office mates, but over time some became aware of it. Those who finally found out actually accompanied Retsuko for karaoke.

Not confident with appearance : Retsuko is a figure of 25 years old and still in a state of turmoil. He was not confident with his appearance and body shape. Starting from his anxiety, he considered signing up for a yoga class. From yoga class, Retsuko meets her company partner, but from a different division.

Retsuko then befriends Washimi the secretary and Gori the marketing manager. Since they are both older in age, Washimi and Gori often give Retsuko advice regarding life and work. Befriending them makes Retsuko more mature.