Must-Watch Teen Romantic Comedies


One of the activities you can try to reduce boredom during PPKM is watching movies. Moreover, now watching movies is easier and there are many choices. You just need to subscribe to a movie streaming provider like Netflix for example. There are many different genres of films that you can watch.

One of the most popular are teen romantic comedies. The story is simple and tends to be relatable to be the main attraction. This film is suitable for those of you who don’t want to watch something heavy and make you think.

Here are six recommendations for teen romantic comedies that you can watch on Netflix.


Work It
Teen films with the theme of dance competitions are always interesting to watch. It’s the same as the film starring Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher below. Work It tells the story of Quinn Ackerman who is forced to enter a dance competition in order to attend the college of her dreams.

Quinn, who initially could not dance, began to realize that dancing was her passion . Coupled with the romance that begins to blossom between her and her young dance coach, Jake Taylor. This film shows a cheesy romance between the two even though it is very interesting to watch.

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Oh, Ramona!
The film, which was released in 2019, is an adaptation of a youth novel entitled Suck It, Ramona by Andrei Ciobanu. This film tells the story of a shy teenager named Andrei who falls in love with Ramona, his most popular classmate. However, he soon met a receptionist named Anemona and also fell in love with her.

The film itself focuses on the love triangle experienced by Andrei, Ramona, and Anemona. You will be taken to the adventures of their third love. The plot of this film is light so it is suitable to accompany your relaxing time when you are at home.

Swiped tells the story of two roommates with different backgrounds creating a dating app. The application is different from the usual dating application because it can be programmed according to the user’s preferences. Not long ago the Swiped application they made went viral on their campus.

Unfortunately, as the number of users increases, the dating app brings problems for both of them. Not to mention the increasing number of teenagers who are more concerned with online life because of the application. The film stars Noah Centineo, Nathan Gamble, and Kalani Hilliker.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish
This film is a modern version of the Cinderella story. It tells the story of a teenager named Kat Decker who is abused by his mother and stepsisters. Kat works part-time as a singing dwarf at the “Christmas Fair.” Unexpectedly this brought him to the figure of the famous Nick.

Nick, who is the son of a rich man, then invites Kat to attend his party. Unfortunately, her stepmother and stepsisters don’t allow Kat to go and even sabotage her. Will Kat be able to attend the dance next? Well , this film itself stars Laura Marano and Gregg Sulkin.

A Week Away
A Week Away is a romantic comedy film that is also combined with a musical. The film stars Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison. It tells the story of an orphaned teenager named Will Hawkins whose hobby is making trouble. He was forced to join a summer camp to avoid being taken to a juvenile detention cell.

Inside the camp, Will falls in love with the camp owner’s son, Avery. Will also tries to attract Avery’s attention by participating in all activities. Unfortunately, trouble occurs when Will manages to get close to Avery. Will’s identity as a trouble maker spreads which makes Will embarrassed.

All the Bright Places
Film All the Bright Places is an adaptation of the novel by the same name Jennifer Niven. This film itself focuses on mental illness that is often experienced by teenagers today. This film tells the story of Violet who is still haunted by the trauma of the past after her sister died in a tragic accident.

Violet meets Theodore who also suffers from depression and is often suicidal. The two then got to know each other and felt compatible when they got a group assignment together. The film, starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, has an ending that contains onions. Don’t forget to prepare a tissue while watching it.