Music and scoring in the film Mary Poppins Returns is also considered very grand and luxurious.


However, even so, apart from that, he also provides space for self-expression in this film. Mary Poppins Emily Blunt’s version does have its own characteristics. Which is different from the previous version of Julie Andrews.

And, as a result, after holding its world premiere at the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, on November 29, 2018, Mary Poppins Returns immediately received a positive response from critics. The most praised is Emily Blunt’s performance. Who managed to incarnate as a fresh new Mary Poppins. The Edge of Tomorrow (2014) star is considered capable of competing with Julie Andrews’ first appearance. Kids these days, who have never seen the first Mary Poppins film, are guaranteed to be amazed by Emily Blunt’s acting and beauty. Especially when he sings. She looks like a Fairy Godmother.

In addition to Emily Blunt’s brilliant performance, the music and scoring of Mary Poppins Returns is also considered very grand and luxurious. So is the visualization. Colorful and pleasing to the eye. When watching this film, it is guaranteed that adult audiences will remember their own childhood. And how to be real children.

Like the first film, Mary Poppins Returns is also a classic musical. Which presents a lot of adventure and fantasy scenes with songs in it. The audience will have a unique and fun experience. Even though they don’t know the songs, the audience is guaranteed to be carried away by the rhythm and cheerful music.

In addition, the fantasy scenes presented in Mary Poppins Returns are also very entertaining. Especially, if watched with children. Many moral messages are tucked away in this film with a duration of more than two hours. Everything is included in the lyrics of the song. Mostly sung by Mary Poppins and the Michael Banks children.

Although the narrative is not as good as the first film, Mary Poppins Returns is considered capable of maintaining the classic story and emotional play in it. The sentimental atmosphere in this film will make the audience smile and cry at the same time. Alternately.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Mary Poppins Returns has won four Golden Globe Awards 2018 nominations, namely: Best Film Comedy/Musical, Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical (Lin-Manuel Miranda), Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical (Emily Blunt), and Best Original Music Scoring.

Btw, originally, Mary Poppins Returns was scheduled to be released right on Christmas Day in America. However, the schedule was then pushed forward to December 19, 2018. This was done to attract a larger audience of families and children. Because the winter holiday has already started in mid-December.

In addition, the change in the Mary Poppins Returns show schedule was also to precede the two blockbuster films: Aquaman and Bumblebee. Which, in America, was released simultaneously: On December 21, 2018. We’ll just have to wait. Will Mary Poppins’ magical powers be able to overcome the two superheroes at the box office?

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