Muscular and athletic in this Tomb Raider film


And, as a result, we can see his body become more muscular and athletic in this Tomb Raider film. Interestingly, Alicia Vikander admitted that she often played the video game Tomb Raider when she was a child. In addition, he also likes to watch adventure and archeology themed films. Such as Indiana Jones (1981) and The Mummy (1999). So, the opportunity to play in this film is like a childhood dream come true.

Alicia Vikander herself is very happy and proud to be able to get a role as a woman as powerful as Lara Croft. The Swedish girl hopes that the Tomb Raider film she stars in can inspire women. And can be as successful as Wonder Woman (2016). Which is also a Warner Bros. release. Those pictures.

However, even so, apart from that, Alicia Vikander was also somewhat disappointed. Because the sexiness of Lara Croft is still in the main spotlight. Especially, for men. The costumes he wears are indeed more closed and realistic. However, the Ex-Machina (2015) star still has to reveal her tiny cleavage, which is only 34AA in size, with the help of a push-up bra.

Meanwhile, producer Graham King admitted that he bought the rights to Tomb Raider not just for one film. He hopes to make a sequel. Alias ​​creates a new franchise. Graham King’s hopes can be realized if the Tomb Raider film gets a good reception from the audience.

In fact, interestingly, if the rebooted version of Tomb Raider is a success, Warner Bros. Pictures, reportedly, will make it the foundation of a new film universe. Consisting of films adapted from video games released by Square Enix and other Eidos Interactive. Like Just Cause, Hitman, Deus Ex, and Thief!

After its release in September 2011, the illustrated novel Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick, immediately received positive reviews from critics. In fact, the teen fiction novel is considered better than Selznick’s previous work: The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007).

When interviewed after the success of his Wonderstruck novel, Brian Selznick admitted that he wanted to bring his story to the big screen. And, that intention, finally, was achieved. It is director Todd Haynes who adapted it into a film of the same name. With Selznick himself as the screenwriter.

Like the novel, the film Wonderstruck (2017) presents a unique mystery drama story. The story is divided into two parts. They are separated by up to 50 years, but the two are related to each other.

The first story is set in 1927. With a black and white display. No sound. Only background music. Which resembles a silent movie. The story focuses on a deaf girl. The name is Rose (Millicent Simmonds).

It is said, Rose ran away from her home in New Jersey. Because his father taught him too hard. He then headed to New York. To find his idol actress, who is also his mother, Lillian Mayhew (Julianne Moore). However, upon arrival in the city of the Big Apple, Rose was actually mesmerized by a show called Wonderstruck. Which featured a giant wardrobe filled with magical items.