MU’s Enthusiasm Welcomes Cristiano Ronaldo’s Winning Determination


Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in the city of Manchester. Reportedly he has also confirmed his determination to win the Premier League with Manchester United this season.
The 36-year-old Portuguese footballer has landed in the city of Manchester on Thursday (2/9) after officially rejoining MU.

Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to be able to train with the rest of the Red Devils players at Carrington next Wednesday (8/9) after a five-day quarantine period.

According to a source in The Sun , even before arriving in the city of Manchester, Ronaldo had already confirmed his determination to be able to bring Manchester United back to glory in the Premier League.

“The players are enthusiastic about the arrival of Ronaldo . They have received this added boost and they feel very confident,” said the source.

Ronaldo has also spoken to Bruno Fernandes and told him to tell the other players that they have to win this year. believe in yourself.”

It was also stated that this enthusiasm was not only felt by the players and coaching staff, but also extended to other staff at Manchester United’s training center.

source said.

In Cristiano Ronaldo’s first period at Manchester United , 2003-2009, he won three Premier League titles plus other collective titles such as the Champions League trophy, Club World Cup, FA Cup, and the English League Cup.

How did the number 7 Cavani at Manchester United move to Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to have the number 7 jersey at Manchester United . So, how did that number move from Edinson Cavani to Ronaldo?
Ronaldo officially returned to Manchester United after being redeemed from Juventus. The Portuguese player arrived when the 2021/2022 Premier League had been running for two weeks and Cavani was registered as a MU player with number 7.

Cavani has only appeared for United this season in the third week when they beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0. He came off the bench wearing the number 7 jersey, which at that time was busy discussing whether the number would move to Ronaldo.

Good luck still leads to Ronaldo, who is identical to number 7. Cavani gave the number and has now changed to number 21 after Daniel James left for Leeds United at the end of the transfer window.

In the Premier League handbook, all players are actually required to keep their numbers throughout the season. On the other hand, on the website of the English Football Federation (FA), Premier League to National League contestants can make changes or cancel registrations.

The trick is that the club secretary sends an email to [email protected] to get the required form. Furthermore, all submissions that have been sent via email will be handled by the player status department. The FA also has its own handbook that deals with details of player kits.

The number change that involved Edinson Cavani and made the number 7 switch to Cristiano Ronaldo , of course, had already received approval. The Guardian reports that the Premier League stipulates any change of numbers mid-season requiring clubs to give jersey changes to fans who have paid to have the name and number of the previous occupant.

So I want to thank Edi (Cavani) a lot for this extraordinary attitude,” Ronaldo said as reported by Sky Sports.

Cristiano Ronaldo wore the number 7 jersey in his first spell at Manchester United. He made 292 appearances in all competitions, scored 118 goals and won nine trophies during his six seasons with the Red Devils in 2003-2009.

Ronaldo once helped Cavani, now it’s his turn to be helped

Manchester – Cristiano Ronaldo was delighted with Edinson Cavani’s generosity in giving him the number seven. This is like repaying Ronaldo’s kindness three years ago.
Polemic had occurred following the arrival of Ronaldo to Manchester United . Because Ronaldo is already identical to the number seven back, while Cavani has been wearing it since last season.

Indeed Cavani has no problem giving it to Ronaldo, because he also inherited the number 21 from Daniel James which was sold to Leeds United. Number 21 is often used by Cavani in the Uruguay national team.

However, Premier League rules had prevented Ronaldo’s desire to get the number seven, before finally being granted. As of Friday (3/9/2021) early morning WIB, Ronaldo officially bears number 7.

He was also very grateful for Cavani’s relief in giving the number.

So I want to thank Edi (Cavani) a lot for this extraordinary attitude,” Ronaldo said as reported by Sky Sports.

Cavani’s action received praise from many parties because he prioritized team matters rather than personal. Maybe what Cavani did as a reward for Ronaldo’s help at the 2018 World Cup.

At that time Uruguay and Portugal met in the last 16 of the World Cup on June 31 2018. In the 70th minute when Uruguay took a 2-1 lead, Cavani seemed to be limping on the field.
Ronaldo swiftly ran to Cavani and then helped carry him to get treatment on the touchline. Ronaldo’s actions were then discussed and received a lot of appreciation.

Three years later, it was Edinson Cavani ‘s turn to help Cristiano Ronaldo to get number seven. Even Manchester United’s official twitter also uploaded another photo of Ronaldo carrying Cavani. So, sweet isn’t it?