MU Wins, Supporters Still Blaspheme the Glazer Family

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Protests against the Glazer family continue. Manchester United supporters continue to blaspheme the Glazer family, even when they managed to win over Brentford with a score of 3-0, Tuesday morning WIB (3/5/2022).

In that big win, reported by the Daily Mirror, MU fans repeatedly shouted expletives that were not pleasing to the ear. “Joel Glazer is going to die!” MU fans shouted.

1. The Glazer family is hated by MU fans

The hatred of MU fans towards the Glazer family is already deep-rooted. They feel the Glazer family has no intention of developing the team, just looking for a loophole to increase the coffers through the club’s business.

On several occasions, fans have often protested against the Glazer family. The #GlazerOut campaign has been seen on multiple occasions and has grown in intensity since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

2. 17 minute campaign

Manchester United fans also protested against Glazer’s ownership of the club in a 17-minute move. When the match against Brentford was left with 17 minutes left, MU supporters, who were members of the 1958 group, slowly left Old Trafford.

This is a sign of the age of the United States property tycoon’s power at MU. According to them, during the 17 years in power, the Glazers did not contribute anything.

3. Second demonstration in 16 days

This is the second demonstration of MU supporters in the last 16 days. Previously, MU supporters also took to the streets ahead of the match against Norwich City, April 16, 2022.

The screams “Joel Glazer is going to die” at that moment had already been heard. In fact, they claim that the Glazers have stolen a billion pounds in club revenue. Also, Glazer’s policy of allowing a number of players to be bought at high prices has become the target of fan criticism as well.