Ms Marvel series villains


1. Discord

Discord was created as a result of Kamala Khan’s actions in the Civil War II arc. In this comic, Ms. Marvel alliances with Captain Marvel and uses the magical abilities of an Inhumans to prevent future tragedies. One of them is by imprisoning his school friend, namely Josh Richardson who is predicted to create a big explosion in the future.

After the Civil War II arc ended, Josh Richardson apparently still held a grudge against Kamala Khan. This then makes him a villain by the name of Discord and hunts Kamala for revenge. As a villain, Discord is famous for having special costumes that can emit electrical or plasma energy which is quite deadly.

Even though the Civil War II arc hasn’t happened in the MCU universe, it’s possible that Discord can still be the villain in the Ms. Marvel later. Because, Kamala’s rash actions in the later series may still harm Josh Richardson, which makes him revenge and become Discord.

2. Stormranger

As we know, the MCU will explore the multiverse concept in its fourth phase. With this concept, there is one Marvel villain who is very suitable to be Kamala Khan’s enemy in the later series, namely Stormranger. For those of you who don’t know, Stormranger is an evil version of Kamala Khan from another universe who merges with the Kree alien race’s nano suit technology.

Considering Stormranger is a Variant of Kamala Khan, of course the villain still has the same strengths as Ms. Marvel. However, thanks to the Kree’s nano suit, Stormranger can also combine his body with technology or even humans to create a weapon. Of course Stormranger will be an interesting opponent for Kamala if it appears in the series later.