Ms Marvel Muslim superhero facts


1. Kamala Khan is not the first character to wear the Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is well known for her superhero alter ego Ms. Marvel. However, the first character to use the alter ego was Carol Danvers, who in the MCU we know better as Captain Marvel. In the comics, Carol decides to leave the identity of Ms. Marvel after feeling that she had grown as a superhero and finally adopted the name of her mentor, namely Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel.

Shortly after, Kamala finally got her superpowers and was able to take action against evil. Kamala, who has long idolized Carol Danvers, finally uses the alter ego of the former female superhero, namely Ms. Marvel. In fact, Kamala’s costume design as Ms. Marvel was also inspired by Carol’s costume when she was still wearing the alter ego.

Apart from Kamala and Carol, there is one more Marvel character who has used the identity of Ms. Marvel in the comics. That figure is Karla Sofen/Moonstone. The difference is, Karla is more famous as the evil version of Ms. Marvel, unlike Carol and Kamala who use this identity as a superhero.

2. Expected to be a representative of American Muslims

Kamala Khan is not the first Muslim character in the Marvel comics universe. However, Kamala became the first Muslim character to have her own comic series and even now has her own live action solo series.

When creating Kamala, Sana Amanat said that the Ms Marvel comic series was not an Islamic story. However, he hopes that Kamala’s presence can be a representation for the Muslim community in the United States. Therefore, the main focus of the story in the comic or serial is more focused on Kamala’s life as a Muslim who is a minority in the United States.

As a superhero, Kamala often experiences prejudice from people because of her skin color. In addition, he must also be able to hide his identity from his family members who are very religious and don’t like Kamala being a superhero. It is hoped that Kamala’s life story will relate to the American Muslim community.

3. Inhumans who have varied powers

Although using the identity of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan actually doesn’t have any relationship with Carol Danvers because she only idolizes her. In fact, the source of Kamala’s strength as a superhero is not because of cosmic energy like Carol Danvers. This is because Kamala Khan belongs to the Inhumans, one of the superhuman races in the Marvel universe .

Kamala’s power as an Inhumans only activates when she is exposed to Terrigen Mist while on the road. After that, Kamala became able to have various strengths, ranging from flexing parts of her body to making one of her limbs grow. Not only that, Kamala actually also has the ability to regenerate or heal herself which is no less fast than Wolverine.

However, the strength of Kamala Khan in the series is quite different. Because, the source of his strength is related to a bracelet which is a relic of his ancestors. Then, the power that emerged from the bracelet was also more like the cosmic energy that formed his body parts. This change in strength in the series was controversial because it was considered to deviate from the comics.

4. One of the youngest members of the Avengers

Almost all characters in the Marvel universe must have joined the superhero group. This of course includes Kamala Khan who was once a member of Tony Stark’s All-New, All-Different group. Kamala is also one of the youngest members ever to join the Avengers besides Wiccan and Stature.

Apart from the Avengers, Kamala has also joined several other superhero groups. One of them is The Champions which involves him as a founder along with several other former members of the Avengers. The group was created after Kamala and the other members got fed up with the Avengers who were less willing to deal with ordinary people’s problems.

5. Played by a newcomer Muslim actress

The figure of Kamala Khan in the Ms Marvel series is the first time Marvel Studios has hired a newcomer to play the main role in the project. The actress is Iman Vellani, a girl of Pakistani descent who lives in Canada. Vellani was a student in theater school and this was her debut as an actress in a major project.

Iman Vellani also has the same background as Kamala Khan. You see, Vellani has Pakistani ancestry and also comes from a Muslim family. Not only that, Vellani is also a big Marvel fan like Kamala who really idolizes the Avengers members in her series.

Even so, the superhero figure that Iman Vellani idolizes in the real world is not Captain Marvel like Kamala Khan. Because, Vellani admitted that his favorite superhero is Iron Man. This is certainly quite interesting because in the Civil War II arc , Iron Man and Captain Marvel are enemies.