Ms. Marvel – Discover the origins and powers of Marvel’s first Muslim superhero

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Marvel brought Ms. Marvel – the company’s first Muslim superhero – is in the picture, with a few minor changes.

Known as Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, although only appearing for a short time, has already had a significant fan base, making her an important superhero of Marvel. Upcoming series Ms. Marvel will officially be on Disney+ as a way to introduce this young hero to the mass audience. Let’s find out the origin and strength of the girl!

The origin of Ms. Marvel

Introduced in the beginning of Captain Marvel #14 released in 2013, Ms. Marvel is a young Pakistani-American girl who grew up in Jersey, and most of Kamala’s life revolved around superheroes. She considers herself a huge fan of Captain Marvel. The young girl’s hobby was writing short stories and decorating her room with pictures of Carol Danvers. In Kamala Khan, being Marvel’s first Muslim-American superhero has huge cultural significance.

After Terrigen Mists, the super chemical that awakens the power within the Inhumans, spread throughout the Earth’s atmosphere, many Inhumans suddenly appeared, including Kamala Khan. She has the same shape-shifting ability as Mister Fantastic – the leader of the Fantastic Four. This transformation allows her to become the superhero she has always dreamed of. With a love for Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan took the nickname Ms. Marvel – an identity Carol Danvers used to fight crime in Jersey.

However, the series of the same name with this heroine has slightly changed her special powers. It seems that in order to create a stronger bond between her and Captain Marvel, the series has let Kamala’s power somewhat similar to her idol.

The power of Ms. Marvel

Referred to as a polymorphic superhero, the power of Ms. Marvel allows her to lengthen limbs, increase size, strength, and deform into various forms. It seems that the only limit to what Kamala’s body can do is her own imagination. In the comic, Ms. Marvel can straighten her legs for long jumps, twist from rocks with her stretchy arms, and turn her fists into giant fists to punch enemies.

In the comics, Ms. Marvel also learned to reduce the size, just a few inches taller and even flattened itself to be as thin as paper. One particularly helpful trick is the supernatural healing factor. But her self-healing ability is limited, while the wound is healing, she must avoid stretching her body as it disrupts the self-healing process. In addition, she was also helped by Tony Stark, providing suitable costumes for disguise. Many recent titles have revealed this is possible because Kamala Khan is linked to an alternate dimension.

Marvel changed Ms. How did Marvel bring this character to the screen?

Ms. Marvel is considered the most interesting character when the audience can follow her growth and development journey. As a teenage schoolgirl, Kamala Khan is just as lovable and goofy as many. She has the optimism but also the impulsiveness of her age.

In the trailer released by Marvel, the bracelet Kamala Khan wears appears to allow her to manipulate energy on a quantum level, manifesting that power through some sort of force field. Throughout the trailer, Kamala is able to use these light structures in various forms, with radial explosions, taking advantage of kinetic energy instead of the body. The most interesting thing is that there is a version of the giant hand – the signature “embodiment” of Kamala Khan, appearing in the trailer. In it, Kamala creates a giant fist by wrapping a force field around her normal hand before delivering a blow to her opponent. Of course, there may be other powers that come from these mysterious bracelets, but have not been shown.

All in all, the changes being made to the Ms. Marvel. But it’s important to note that Marvel seems to have tried to stick to Kamala Khan’s Muslim-American background and the identity issues she struggles with.

Why did Marvel change the power of Ms. Marvel?

Big changes to Ms. Marvel is bound to be controversial. The adjusted origin story could be tied to Marvel’s reluctance to deal with the failure of the Inhumans , the franchise that Kevin Feige himself never seemed to be particularly interested in. The Inhumans movie was scrapped shortly after Marvel Studios was restructured and Feige joined the company.

In addition, the original power set of Ms. Marvel also has too many similarities with the “stretch” strength of Mister Fantastic in the Fantastic Four. Marvel Studios is currently in the process of introducing its own version of the Fantastic Four, and they may not want to have two similar sets of powers at once confusing audiences. Of course, there is one last potential reason for the changes affecting Ms. Marvel is the bracelet. If it’s Nega-Bands or Quantum Bands, then Ms. Marvel will have a logical tie between the young heroine and the MCU’s Captain Marvel.