Moving to Dakar, Danilo Petrucci finds it difficult to stop crying in Valencia MotoGP


Danilo Petrucci found it difficult to stop crying ahead of the start of the Valencia MotoGP race in Spain on Sunday (11/14/2021). The reason is, it was his last race in MotoGP before moving to the 2022 Dakar Rally . Many people paid tribute by meeting him on the grid and pitlane, as well as saying goodbye.

Petrucci, who made his MotoGP debut in 2012, is indeed one of the characters liked by the residents of the paddock because he is humorous, humble and friendly. All members of the KTM factory, and also the Ducati he had defended in 2015-2020 also approached him. As a result, this Italian rider was moved and cried.

“It was really fun. When I parked the bike on the grid, I said to myself, ‘please don’t cry’. But then people started arriving, people I’ve worked with and everyone. All my friends in the paddock. say hello to them all,” he said via

If Happy Always Cry
After parking on the grid, Petrucci went to the toilet in the paddock area. When he returned to the pitlane, he also received a standing ovation from many people, was greeted by other paddock residents, and one of them was Valentino Rossi, who also had his last race because he was about to hang up his helmet. That’s when Petrucci burst into tears.

“I went to the toilet as usual, but when I got back on the grid the people in the pitlane started clapping for me. All the members of the KTM and Ducati teams. I had to say hello to everyone. So I burst into tears. the front end of the pitlane. Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to start,” he said.

So I was sweating and shedding tears. I’m so happy to receive all this love. I cried on the podium at Mugello, I also cried when I won at Mugello. Unfortunately, when I’m happy, I can’t help but cry!” continued Peter.

Not Disappointed Finished 18th
In this race, Petrucci started from 16th position and only finished in 18th position. Even though he came home without points, the 31-year-old rider was very happy to finish. The reason is, in the Emilia Romagna and Algarve Series, he failed to finish due to being hit by Joan Mir and Brad Binder. He was also happy because he got a lot of support.

“I was adamant from the start, but I wanted to finish. I was just trying to defend. My front tire pressure was high and it was difficult to brake aggressively. I said, ‘don’t worry, you have a MotoGP bike. KTM and the whole track, enjoy your last kilometers’. I’m happy to see everyone. I’m very happy.”

Now Petrucci will really shift his focus to the 2022 Dakar Rally which will start on January 2 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Throughout December, he will return to practice navigation and undergo trials in various deserts. In that event, he will defend Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing, the team he also defended in MotoGP this season.

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Failed to win MotoGP, Danilo Petrucci remains proud and is now focusing on the Dakar Rally

Not only Valentino Rossi who said goodbye to MotoGP in the Valencia Series, Spain, Sunday (11/14/2021), but also Danilo Petrucci . The Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing racer has been officially announced to be defending the same team next year, but has moved to the Dakar Rally , an extreme motorsport event.

Petrux made his MotoGP debut in 2012 after competing in the FIM Superstock 1000. He has defended IodaRacing, Pramac Racing, Ducati Team, and Tech 3 KTM. During his ten seasons of competition, he collected 10 podiums, including two big wins at Mugello 2019 and Le Mans 2020, all of which he won with Ducati.

This Italian rider is also known as an off-road fan , and one of his dreams from a young age was to compete in the Dakar Rally even though he spent almost his entire life on the asphalt circuit. KTM has finally realized his dream, giving him the opportunity to take part in the 2022 Dakar Rally which will start in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on January 2.

No One Knows Before
“Obviously winning races is an amazing thing. My dream since childhood was to win MotoGP. Unfortunately, I met even greater talent on my path. However, in 2019 I was fighting for wins and podiums in almost all races,” he told a press conference on Thursday. (11/11/2021).

“I came here just to enjoy my last kilometers on a MotoGP bike. My journey was very enjoyable, because ten years ago nobody knew me, and I didn’t know any Grand Prix track, didn’t understand the bike and the tires. So, the journey it’s long, but I’m having fun,” continued Petrucci.

The 31-year-old said the desire to go to the Dakar Rally was reinforced by his difficulties at Ducati in 2020, even though he had won at Le Mans. He is sure, even though he has lost weight, his big body is difficult to match today’s MotoGP bikes. As a result, when KTM made him an offer, Petrucci immediately agreed.

Always Admire Rivals
“Last year, I started to struggle. I started looking for other ways to have fun on the bike. Fortunately, the opportunity (to the Dakar Rally) came from KTM. In MotoGP I have had difficulties since last year due to my weight and size. I didn’t have it before. I really struggle with this level,” said Petrucci.