Movies that spend a lot of money on unimportant things


1. A Knight’s Tale, making a replica of the London Eye (USD 500 thousand)

The film A Knight’s Tale is indeed a fairly popular film. Having an interesting storyline makes this film get a lot of good responses from the public. But this film makes a blunder by wasting money on things that are not important.

The film is set in medieval London. In one transition scene, we can see a replica of the London Eye from a distance. The London Eye is a big ringworm ride that has now become an icon of the city of London. This building was only inaugurated in 1999.

The film crew of A Knight’s Tale made the replica as a joke. But not many people are aware that the replica is in the film. Unfortunately for that pointless scene they spent as much as USD 500 thousand.

2. John Wick, for dog poop (USD 5K)

The John Wick film franchise adds to the portfolio for Keanu Reeves. This film made his name flying again.

As we know, John Wick is a cruel character whose life is always accompanied by his pet dog. Well, in the first John Wick, there is a scene where the camera notices a field of grass with dog droppings left behind.

Well, that dog poop wasn’t real, and it was made with CGI that cost $5,000. The money may not be that big, but when it’s just used to record dog poop pictures that don’t relate to the story, it’s a bit too much.