Movie The Devil Made Me Do It: The Conjuring-3 Has All The Scares, But A Weaker Storyline!


The third installment of the much-anticipated “Magic” series and the eighth film of the “Terrible Franchise of the Magic Universe” – “Magic: The Devil made me do it” – was ready for release in September 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic was postponed. until it was released simultaneously in the US and on HBO Max until June 2021.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it was not possible to re-release it in Indian theaters. Due to the short duration of the HBO Max show, Indian fans of the franchise wondered where they would see the film, given how the stories The Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring-2 delighted and intrigued them. (2016) with paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, a real-life couple who played Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga brilliantly in all the films in the trilogy and in one of the Conjuring Universe franchise films. Finally. Amazon Prime Video began airing the film on December 15, 2021, and the horrible “fun” returned in India.

As usual, the film is based on a real-life trial in 1981, in which the murderer, Arne Johnson, pleaded not guilty under the pretext that “the devil forced him” because he claimed to be possessed by a demon. when performing an action; This is the first time in the history of the United States that this type of protection has been used. Ed and Lorraine testified to Warren Arne because they were convinced that demons existed and gave all the evidence from the pictures and videos taken on camera. However, since such a precondition can never have a legal basis, the accused should be found guilty and sentenced to 15-20 years in prison; but he married his beloved during his five years in prison for his exemplary conduct and while still in prison. Dry trials can never be a good topic for a horror movie, so an interesting plot and script were created around the case.

The film opens with one of the scariest scenes in the film and one of the scariest scenes in the history of horror movies. The scene depicts a demon-possessed victim in the presence of a 10-year-old boy named David Glatzel, Ed and Lorraine, and an exorcist. It is better to watch the aftermath than to explain the horrific events that resulted in Arne Johnson’s protagonist (Ruairi O’Connor) and David’s older sister Debbie Glatzel’s boyfriend (playing the game) when Ed was ill and had a heart attack. Sarah Katherine), looking into the eyes of the cruel David, abandons the demon David and urges him to take possession, which will be wonderful. In my experience in horror movies, this is a new turn, because it raises some questions: it seems that the role of demons is somewhat questionable, and there is someone with a specific purpose of the demon or ghost, so why should he leave his thoughts? Dear victims! In any case, it was necessary as a prologue for Arne Johnson to kill someone and answer in court.

Compared to the previous two films of the trilogy, which are absolutely absorbing and tense, the third has no plot flow, which is hampered by flashbacks, jumps and semi-finished scenes, jumping to other scenes and then returning. the former. This can be understood as a stylistic action of the director, but it does not help to tell the story, keeping in mind the constant presence of the audience. For example, Ed Warren, who suffered a heart attack, may have been on vacation for about a month (not specified), at which point the demon in Arne decided not to do anything. However, when Ed recovers from his telepathic dream, he contacts Lorraine to alert the police about the tragedy at Arne’s employer and the landlord’s house. And of course, Arne suddenly kills the landlord and the police arrest him.

Now came the real turning point: Lorraine, with its super-intuitive and psychic powers, imagines the last days of Arne’s actions to be linked to the murder and suicide of two young girls. Police have not yet found the body of the second girl who killed her friend with the same demon and then committed suicide. Thus, for the first time in the history of the trilogy, the police joined the investigation with the paranormal help of Ed and Lorraine, and finally found the drowned body of the second girl, as Lorraine leads them through a beautifully crafted and light-n-shadow. great view, worth watching.

After the “connection” is confirmed, Lorraine and Ed return to David’s house, and Lorraine finds a totem witch in the underground cells of a house full of rats. The corner of the occult experience comes here again for the first time, and Lorraine, convinced that communication works in two directions and that it is in the process of ending the curse, begins to look for more murder, the source of evil – if he is an evil spirit or supernatural force, avoid it here should be. Although the first half of the film is very interesting and full of tension, the second half is predictable. The climax, unfortunately, can not surprise the audience.

But the film is worth watching, as usual, thanks to the performances of the couple Wilson and Farmiga, as well as the unexpected jumps that appear and do not come unexpectedly. David jumped on the mattress, which was bubbling like water, and then something unexpected happened to him. As mentioned above, the sequel, which differs from the other two, reminds us of the recent South Korean film “Flag” scary-mysterious-noisy.

Not James Van, the director of “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Made Me It,” he created the horror franchise Conjuring Universe through his Atomic Monster Productions and Warner Bros Entertainment’s New Line Cinema, thus ending a 20-year effort led by Tony DeRosa-Grund. and his team to make a series of films about the supernatural affairs of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and in 2013 to direct the first film of the franchise “The Conjuring”. one prequel after another: Annabelle in 2014, Magic-2 in 2016, Annabelle’s Creation in 2017, Bread in 2018, Curse of La Llorona in 2019, Annabelle comes home in 2019 and Magic: The Devil Made Me . In 2021; The latter was made by director Michael Chavez with the film “The Curse of La Larona”. The Conjuring Universe was the second most successful horror franchise in Hollywood history and received the highest praise from critics. Almost all eight films were major commercial hits in the world with positive and mixed reviews. The franchise is currently working on two more horror films – the first is called “Curved Man” and the second is called a sequel to “Nun”.

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