Movie Review Wonder Woman


The film, directed by female director Patty Jenkins, is also the first Wonder Woman live-action film to be made onto the big screen. Previously, the DC Comics mainstay female superhero character had only appeared in animated films and television series.

Of course, many of the 90s generation in still remember the old Wonder Woman series. Production years 1975-1979. Which used to appear on the screen every week. Had it aired at this time, Wonder Woman’s cleavage, played by the beautiful Lynda Carter, would have been blurred by KPI.

Interestingly, during the gala premiere of this film at the Pantheon Theater, Los Angeles, on Thursday (25/5) last week, Aunt Lynda Carter, who still looks at the age of 65, was met with Gal Gadot. The two Wonder Woman actresses from different generations immediately grabbed the attention of a wide audience.

Like Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot also has a beauty queen background. Before his name was published by Fast & Furious (2009), the former model and military member was the winner of the Miss Israel pageant. The former had represented his country in the Miss Universe 2004.

Now, after a career as a Hollywood actress, Gal Gadot is still active as a model and brand ambassador for top products. While attending the Wonder Woman gala premiere yesterday, the MILF with two children was accompanied by her husband. Who is a famous real estate entrepreneur from Israel: Yaron Varsano.

Meanwhile, Lynda Carter herself was the winner of Miss USA in 1972. While representing the United States in the Miss World event, the actress, who started playing Wonder Woman at the age of 24, made it through to the semifinals.

Besides that, which is also interesting, after watching the premiere of this Wonder Woman film on the big screen, Lynda Carter immediately praised Gal Gadot’s acting. According to him, the 32-year-old girl was a huge success. From the start, Lynda Carter had believed: That Gal Gadot would succeed as her successor. He said it was like passing the baton to the last runner in an Olympic game.

Btw, Warner Bros. Pictures, in fact, had auditioned Elodie Yung and Olga Kurylenko as Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot herself, initially, was offered a role in Man of Steel (2013). Likely, as Lois Lane. Which, in the end, was played by Amy Adams. However, because at that time she was pregnant with her second child, Gal Gadot refused the offer of the role as Superman’s girlfriend. However, Warner Bros. Pictures, in the end, instead appointed her as Wonder Woman after she gave birth.

When he was first lined up as a female superhero who was armed with a whip (in January 2014), Gal Gadot was only 28 years old. At that time, many observers doubted it. Because his experience playing in blockbuster films is only limited as a supporting actor. Namely, in the Fast & Furious franchise.

In addition, there are also those who say: Gal Gadot’s chest size, which is “only” 32B, is not big enough to play Wonder Woman. Compare that to Aunt Lynda Carter: That 36C chest size! However, after Gal Gadot appeared stunning in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, everything immediately changed. Warner Bros. Pictures is considered not wrong to choose it. In fact, to star in three films at once!