Movie Review The Space Between


Long story short, after sixteen years, Gardner (Asa Butterfield) grows up to be an ababil. Who spent his life on the Planet Mars with the astronauts. His late mother’s colleagues. Gardner, in fact, had a latent desire to meet his real father. whose fate is still a mystery.

In addition, during his life on Mars, Gardner also underwent a statusless (HTS) and long-distance (LDR) relationship. With a girl named Tulsa (Britt Robertson). Who lives in Colorado, United States of America, Earth. Yes, their relationship is very far apart (very long distance relationship), but close at heart. Because often chat. Like my relationship with you. Formerly.

Once upon a time, it is said, Gardner and the other astronauts returned to Earth. However, due to living on Mars since birth, Gardner’s body was not used to Earth’s atmosphere. He also fell ill.

However, while being treated at the hospital, Gardner, who had missed him badly, ran away to meet Tulsa. Together with the girl he loves, Gardner then goes on an adventure to find his biological father. How is the continuation of the story of the first human being born on Mars?

Btw, this The Space Between Us movie is, in fact, a romantic sci-fi film mixed with family drama. We already know Asa Butterfield, the main star, through her role in the film Ender’s Game (2013). In this latest film, he collided acting with Britt Robertson. Who had starred in Tomorrowland (2015) with George Clooney.

However, unfortunately, the unique story idea, and the appearance of the two young stars, still did not captivate the critics. Likewise with the performance of veteran actor Gary Oldman and actress Carla Gugino. Which is considered less than optimal. The characterization of the characters in The Space Between Us is considered unclear.

Therefore, it’s not surprising, after being released globally last February, The Space Between Us also crashed in the market. The film with a budget of USD 30 million was only able to earn USD 14 million. aka no return on investment. Perhaps, the negative response caused the release schedule for this 120-minute film to be postponed and only now being screened.

Olaf’s snowman, from the animated film Frozen (2013), finally has a movie of its own. Even if it’s just a short film. Which was released as the opening of the film Coco (2017). The title: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

This 21-minute film is supported by the main stars of Frozen. Such as Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), and Jonathan Groff (Kristoff). And, of course, Josh Gad. As the voice of Olaf.

Olaf’s film is the second short film in the Frozen franchise after Frozen Fever (2015). It’s only seven minutes long. Which used to be the opening of the film Cinderella (2015).

For Frozen fans, this Olaf’s Frozen Adventure film can be a longing cure while waiting for Frozen 2 to be released on November 27, 2019. The sequel, now, is entering a period of preparation for production. The director and his team have done extensive research in Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

The story of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure itself is set after a summer in the Kingdom of Arendelle. To be precise, just before Christmas.