Movie Review The Meg 2018


Two well-known filmmakers are staying digadang to be the director. Namely: Jan de Bont and Guillermo del Toro. However, in July 2007, suddenly, New Line Cinema canceled it.

After almost 10 years without news, finally, Meg’s film project has found its light. Production is handled by Warner Bros. Pictures in collaboration with Gravity Pictures. Initially, Eli Roth was lined up to direct the film titled The Meg. However, in the end, he resigned because of differences in creative ideas. His position was later replaced by Jon Turteltaub.

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The Meg film itself tells the story of a group of scientists who are trapped in an underwater facility. It is said, the research center located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean was badly damaged. Due to Megalodon attack. Alias ​​the ancient giant shark. Which is 75 feet (about 23 meters) long.

FYI, The Meg, which is the title of this film, is a nickname for Megalodon. Which means the Big Tooth. aka Big Tooth. Megalodon’s weight, it is said, reached 100 tons. It was about 10 times larger than the T-Rex dinosaur. It is estimated, The Meg lived 2.6 million years ago. So, it should be, by now it’s extinct.

One of the scientists who is said to be trapped in the underwater facility is Suyin (Li Bingbing). Son of renowned oceanographer: Dr. Minway Zhang (Winston Chao). He then recruits an underwater diving expert, Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), to save his beautiful daughter.

Jonas Taylor, in fact, is a former navy soldier. To be precise, a former member of the special forces. It is said that in the past, he had failed in dealing with the beasts at the bottom of the ocean. Now, he must return to face the trauma of his past.

Jonas Taylor must rescue the scientists trapped in the underwater facility. Among these scientists, there is a woman who once filled his heart. In addition, he also had to stop the shark Megalodon. So as not to kill people who are traveling on the beach.

Btw, the filming of The Meg itself took place in West Auckland, New Zealand. The shooting process started on October 13, 2016 and ended on January 11, 2017. The original plan, the blockbuster film with a budget of USD 150 million will be released on March 2, 2018. However, in the end, it was pushed back to August 10, 2018.

What’s interesting, as the main character of The Meg, reportedly, Jason Statham has made preparations that are not kidding. Prior to filming, the 51-year-old action actor decided to swim with live sharks. According to him, it would be better if he knew what it was like to face a real shark for the sake of the totality of his acting.

Therefore, Jason Statham then went to go scuba diving. To Fiji. There, the British actor, and his colleagues, feed the sharks directly. Bull shark type. Which is about three meters long. With food in the form of a tuna head. While feeding, Jason Statham et al lined up behind a rock wall. The ferocious sharks then circled them. It was only about two feet away. aka half a meter!