[Movie Review] The LEGO Batman Movie


How to take advantage of toy products that dominate the block-shaped toy market for something that adds to the coffers? Making a film about the toy is the answer. Having previously made animated films for TV or Direct-to-Video , in 2014 LEGO collaborated with Warner Bros. producing The LEGO Movie . The film was a commercial and critical success, which was followed by the production of several sequels starting with The LEGO Batman Movie .

The first time I heard that the next LEGO movie was about Batman, I was one of those who wondered if I could ‘enter’. It’s true that Batman in The LEGO Movie is a character that steals attention, but can it be appropriate to make a superhero movie – especially Batman – with fun like LEGO, what else when you watch the TV version of the film or direct-to-video of the previous DC superhero film? . But it turned out that my expectations were wrong, The LEGO Batman Movie is a fun film, much more fun than the DC Extended Universe superhero film.

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It didn’t take me long to find this film enjoyable. Even since the appearance of the initial logo – borrowing Deadpool’s narrative style – there is already a setting in your head that appears “wow, this is fun”. Furthermore, in the first 15-20 minutes, the action-packed sequences are shown beautifully. I’m sure that adults and children will really like this early scene, at least adults will still receive something fun . Especially when it comes to shooting scenes, it uses the “pew-pew-pew” mouth sound effect that makes it look like a toy again.

Like The LEGO Movie , The LEGO Batman Movie is also filled with cool reference jokes , not only references to Batman and the DC Extended Universe (which I think are really targets) but also pop culture . Like the previous film, the joke doesn’t make you laugh out loud, but it’s enough to make you smile a little while muttering ‘scumbag’. The film is more fun than funny . The most fun thing is explaining the relationship between Batman and Joker and mentioning that today’s audience often ” ships” each character. “ Batman doesn’t do ‘ships’…. as in relationship.”

Warner Bros. and LEGO has made good use of many of the copyrighted LEGO properties, at least those that are related to Warner Bros. properties. Not only filled with Batman characters along with the Bat-family and other supervillains – from the famous to the unfamiliar ones – but also other characters such as King Kong, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, or Godzilla (or Kaiju?) in the middle of the film. The middle of the film is reminiscent of childhood when playing some toys with several themes. I used to play Kamen Rider-like vs Ronald McDonald (yes the mascot is McD) and Toy Story’s soldier bucket and several other combinations of toys. Good ol’ times .

The LEGO Batman Movie proves that DC and Warner Bros. can make really fun things , not try to be fun like Suicide Squad . If this year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League fail, it’s better to change the DC Extended Universe to DC LEGO Universe. Ha ha.

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