Movie review The Legend of Tarzan : The figure of the king of the wild jungle who is smooth in character


In fact, for the sake of the demands of the role, Alexander Skarsgard had to study specifically with the guidance of choreographer Wayne McGregor. Most notably, to showcase the transformation from the gentle John Clayton to the savage Tarzan. Among them, the man from Sweden had to learn how to walk and speak. In addition, he was also confused when he had to play a scene talking to animals in the forest.

In addition to learning choreography, in order to play the character of Tarzan, the star of the television series True Blood (2008) also has to do exercises and undergo a strict diet to build a strong body. However, the result is almost perfect. Director David Yates also praised Alexander Skarsgard’s muscular posture and physique.

Despite the tough challenges, the actor who also played in the film Zoolander (2016) admitted that he was interested in playing Tarzan because he liked the story script. Alexander Skarsgard was challenged to perform a radical change: From a city man to a figure of the king of the jungle.

On the other hand, Warner Bros. Pictures also did not play around in working on this USD 180 million budget film. In fact, reportedly, when compared to previous Tarzan films, The Legend of Tarzan is considered the most serious. Starting from the selection of players, story plots, to the application of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Which, they say, is pretty awesome.

Like Disney’s The Jungle Book, the production team of Warner Bros.’ Tarzan film. These pictures also built two miniature stages for the forest setting. They deliberately did not shoot in the original environment. Because it will be more difficult to implement it. And, as a result, with the help of extraordinary special effects, finally, director David Yates was able to display the visuals of a jungle in the African wilderness. Which looks very real.

However, unfortunately, after a limited screening at the Dolby Theater on June 27, 2016, The Legend of Tarzan only received an average rating from a number of review sites. In addition, many observers predict that this film will have difficulty penetrating the box office. In the inaugural week, his income, it is estimated, is only USD 25-33 million. Which means: It’s still far from being behind on capital, let alone to make a profit.

After two decades of “rest”, aliens invaded Earth again. That’s the story presented in Independence Day: Resurgence. The first Independence Day film, starring Will Smith, was very popular. In fact, it had become a marker of the level of slang. Especially among young people. At that time, if you haven’t watched ID4, you will be branded as “not slang” by your friends.

However, unfortunately, in this second film, Will Smith did not take part. His character, Captain Steven Hiller, is said to have died. However, even so, the successor to the hero figure still exists. Namely, his stepson. The name is Dylan Dubrow (Jessie Usher).