Movie Review Rampage


Rampage is a classic video game first released by Midway Games in 1986. The story is about humans who mutate into giant monsters in the form of gorillas, lizards, wolves, etc. In 2009, Warner Bros. Pictures acquired Midway Games for USD 33 million. This includes the rights to film the video game Rampage.

The film project to adapt the video game Rampage to the big screen, in fact, has been announced since last November 2011. However, due to one reason or another, the filming process was only able to start in April 2017. By cooperating with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the main star.

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In the film Rampage made by director Brad Peyton, The Rock plays Davis Okoye. A primatologist and head of the anti-poaching unit in Rwanda. Which, it is said, befriends an albino gorilla with white fur. Named George (Jason Liles).

At one point, after being accidentally infected by a mutagenic serum, which came from Project: Rampage, George, who was originally docile, suddenly became aggressive. In addition, his body also enlarged. Until it becomes a giant monster. Kind of King Kong!

After that, things got even worse. Because, as it turned out, the Rampage serum infected not only George, but also a gray wolf, named Ralph, and an American alligator, nicknamed Lizzie. The two of them then mutated into gigantic monsters the size of Godzilla!

Davis Okoye then attempts to save his friend, the albino gorilla George. With the help of a geneticist, named Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris), she is trying to find an antidote serum. And investigate who is the mastermind behind Project: Rampage.

In addition, Davis Okoye and Kate Caldwell also had to stop Ralph and Lizzie’s actions. Which will destroy all of America. Can they stop these ferocious monsters and save America from disaster?

Btw, different from the video game version of Rampage, which mutates into a monster is a human, in this version of the film, what turns into a giant is an animal. Namely, gorillas, wolves, and crocodiles. Maybe, so that the story seems more realistic. When interviewed, director Brad Peyton did state that this film would be more emotional, scarier, and more real than we expected.

Meanwhile, to deepen his role as a primatologist in Rampage, The Rock admitted that he learned a lot and researched the life of gorillas. In addition, he also consults with a gorilla protection foundation: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. And brainstorm with primatologists at Zoo Atlanta.

Avengers: Infinity War, it is estimated, will easily pass the two previous films. In fact, it is very likely, it could displace Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) in the first position. The Lucasfilm film, which is also owned by Disney, managed to earn USD 248 million in its inaugural week. This is the finale!

After spending a lot of time with the gorillas, The Rock said he was impressed by the strength and gentleness of the animal’s heart. In fact, he even adopted a gorilla cub. Which he later named Iyambere. While joking, The Rock, who now has three daughters, stated that Iyambere was his missing son.