[Movie Review] Logan


Hugh Jackman cannot be separated from the character Wolverine – a character he has played since he first appeared in X-Men in 2000 – and is arguably one of the iconic figures in the world of cinema. It is often said that there are many Superman, Batman, or Spider-man, but there is only one Wolverine cast. Unfortunately after 17 years, Hugh Jackman decided that Logan would be his last film as this adamantium claw mutant.

Set in the year 2029 where many mutants are extinct and those who are still living in unfavorable conditions, the film Logan tells the story of the main character’s difficulties to live his life as normal as possible while still being overshadowed that he is a mutant. The choice of the title Logan emphasizes that this is the personal story of the mutant at a time when he is not the Wolverine he used to be a través de mi ventana pelicula completa en español latino.

For his last appearance as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman managed to bring Logan who looks old and no longer looks strong and scary. Professor X (also played by Patrick Stewart for the last time) is not much different, although he used to be known as the most brilliant mind on earth, but he had problems with his mind and turned into a grumpy old man in general. Although these two characters played very well and managed to arouse the sympathy of the audience, it was Dafne Keen as Laura who stole the attention. Although almost speechless throughout the film, it is his gestures and expressions that make him stand out.

James Mangold managed to make good use of the R ( Restricted ) rating, something that the previous 2 Wolverine solo films did not have. Finally, the audience – especially fans – can see Wolverine’s brutal and bloody action, something what his claws is capable of . Even without various visual effects , the action scenes are cool with the right choreography, something fresh when other superhero films rely more on CGI effects and almost all of the final fights are always bombastic and mass destruction. Logan is more like a spy movie like Bond or Bourne, but likes to stab people in the head. Even though it hurts more to be stabbed in the back. Uh.

Even though it’s more brutal than the previous Wolverine film series, that doesn’t mean Logan is a dark and gritty film . In fact, this film is a film with a personal approach interspersed with some light jokes and touching and emotional moments . The last time I watched a superhero film that managed to use a personal story formula, in my opinion, Spider-Man 2 , and Logan managed to repeat the same feeling. But unfortunately the 2 nd act Logan feels a little bit dragging and slow, although it is still nice to be followed.

Logan is not a superhero film in tight suits who want to save the world from destruction, but this is a drama film wrapped in a superhero story. If you expect action like the X-Men films, maybe this film feels boring, even until the final fight there is no bombastic action. With me, the boys liked and followed, but the girls said they were bored and opened their cellphones more often, even the men in the top row fell asleep until they snored. For those who are a bit tired of seeing superheroes with full effects , this film can be the solution. When else are you watching the most brutal and sentimental X-Men movies? Although unfortunately there is no scene of Wolverine dying sitting between two prostrations. Ha ha ha.