Movie Review Kingsman: The Secret Service


After its release in 2015, Kingsman: The Secret Service, you could say, was a commercial success. The film, which was adapted from a comic by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, was able to gross USD 414 million globally.

The second film, titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle, was finally produced. And it has started showing in cinemas this Wednesday (20/9).

The story of the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle is still continuing its predecessor film. Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton), aka Agent Galahad, is back as the main character.

In addition to Merlin and Roxy Morton, who are interesting, in the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Harry Hart’s character, played by Colin Firth, will also appear again.

However, it is still unclear whether Harry Hart’s character in the second film really comes back to life or just appears in flashbacks (in the form of Eggsy’s memories). In addition, there are also leaks stating that, in fact, Hart is not dead. He just got shot in the eye.

Namely: The Golden Circle. Then form a new order. Like what Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) did in the first film.

Eggsy and friends, finally, were forced to flee to America. They then collaborated with Statesman. Led by Agent Champagne (Jeff Bridges). The legendary British singer appeared as a cameo. Played a fictional version of himself.

Besides Elton John, there is also former football player Vinnie Jones. Who plays bodyguard Poppy Adams.

Like the first film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is also back by Matthew Vaughn. In addition, the 46-year-old director also wrote the screenplay for this film with Jane Goldman. However, 20th Century Fox, it seems, managed to persuade him to return.

In addition to the director’s problem, the filming process for this 141 minute film was also interrupted. Because the main actor, Taron Egerton, has already signed a contract with Lionsgate to star in Robin Hood: Origins. They only started after Taron Egerton finished shooting the second Kingsman film.

The shooting location took place in Birmingham and Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden. In addition, there is also additional shooting. Which is done in London. Last December 2016. Perhaps, to avoid a direct clash with Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Which will be aired at the beginning of next month.

And, as a result, after holding its premiere in London on Monday (18/9), for the time being, Kingsman: The Golden Circle received a pretty decent response from critics. Granted, it’s not as good as the first film, but it’s not bad either. In addition, what is certain, if the second film is also a commercial success at the box office, the producers intend to make a third film. In fact, director Matthew Vaughn, reportedly, is eyeing the most expensive actor in Hollywood today to play the new villain. Namely: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

licia Vikander herself admitted that she was very happy to be able to play a tough woman like Lara Croft. The Oscar winner works 10 times harder than usual. All of that so that the Tomb Raider film can have a big impact. Like the Wonder Woman movie. Which also starred and directed by the woman.