Movie Review Johnny English 2018


Yes. For fans who miss, finally, Rowan Atkinson is back on the big screen. Through the third installment “Bách Linh Đàm Tập 25” of the hilarious British spy film franchise: Johnny English. Which, this time, carries the title: Johnny English Strikes Again.

Since declaring his retirement from Mr. Bean in 2012, Rowan Atkinson did seem to disappear. On the big screen, he last “Offender” appeared in 2011. Through the film Johnny English Reborn. Therefore, the return of the 63-year-old veteran actor was warmly welcomed by fans.

Rowan Atkinson, in fact, started his career as a comedian a long time ago. To be precise, since “Street woman fighter tập 3” making a comedy broadcast called The Atkinson People. On BBC Radio 3. In 1979. However, his name was only global after playing Mr. Beans.

Mr comedy series Bean, which aired on ITV station in 1989-1995, in fact, only consisted of 15 episodes. However, the story “Vì Sao Đưa Anh Tới trọn bộ” is very memorable and iconic. Until, finally, developed into feature films and animation. In addition to being the main character Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson are also co-creators and screenwriters.

Because of Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson’s popularity has skyrocketed. The actor who suffered “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” from speech disorders, aka stuttering, when he was a child was indeed very fitting in playing the figure of an English man named Mr. Beans. The one who doesn’t talk much, is childish, but nosy and ridiculously begging for mercy.

What is interesting, even though he has declared retirement from Mr. Bean, when interviewed in 2016, Rowan Atkinson insisted that he would not really leave the character “Modern Love Season 2” who had made his name. According to the actor who was knighted Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2013, the figure of Mr. Bean had become a part of him.

Btw, before making his comeback to the big screen through the Johnny English Strikes Again film, actually, Rowan Atkinson had already “Em của thời niên thiếu” made a comeback on television. To be precise, in 2016. Through a miniseries entitled Maigret. Which, again, aired on ITV. The series only produced one series a year. And each series only consists of two episodes. The duration is as long as the feature film.

Set in Paris, in the 1950s, in the Maigret series, which was adapted from the bestselling French novel, Rowan Atkinson plays detective “Sự Quyến Rũ Của Người Vợ” Jules Maigret. Which is in stark contrast to Mr. Beans. Because the characters are not funny at all. aka very serious.

However, what’s interesting, despite already bearing a big name as a seasoned actor, Rowan Atkinson did not get the role of the superserious “Làm Trái Tim Em Mỉm Cười tập 10” Jules Maigret earlier. The producer of the Maigret series was hesitant to recruit him. Because the figure of Atkinson is already attached to the character of Mr. Beans. That super funny.

Rowan Atkinson himself admits, many people consider comedy genre films as low-class films. Therefore, comedians are often underestimated. And considered unable to play a serious character. In fact, according to the man who holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering “Secret Love-Bí Mật Kinh Hoàng” (which he got from The Queen’s College, Oxford University), actually, comedy projects are more difficult than serious projects. Meanwhile, in truth, Johnny English itself is a parody of the British secret agent franchise (MI6) James Bond.