[Movie Review] Deadpool 2


Although many say that superhero films are at a saturation point, in fact every superhero film is still full of fans. 2018 is just after the Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War were so successful, hype Deadpool 2 also remains so high, mainly due to team marketing 20 th Century Fox is so astute in their promos. Indeed Deadpool is not like most superhero movies that look forward to exciting action or universe building, but when watching Deadpool, what you are waiting for is jokes and behavior that – if you use a term that I often use – rack nduwe udel .

The main factor that makes Deadpool different and interesting is the number of jokes and one-liners that often breaking the 4 th wall . Compared to its predecessor, Deadpool 2’s jokes feel more “organized” so that it feels smoother , starting from superhero films, this film itself, the development of the film franchise , to several pop culture references.not free from jokes. But keep in mind how often and loudly you laugh will depend on your reference or sense of humor, because I often laugh alone (for example when Deadpool and Domino creator Rob Liefeld, who is known for not being able to draw legs by comic readers, becomes a joke. ).

Not only the jokes feel more organized, the storyline is much better than the first film. The plot of Deadpool’s first film was the worst part, which was fortunately corrected this time by the scriptwriters (Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returned with the help of the main character, Ryan Reynolds). The use of the hashtag #WadeWilsonDemandsYourSisterSorryStupidAutocorrectSilence is not just a joke to follow in the footsteps of Avengers: Infinity War, which uses a similar hashtag, but because this film also has many surprises. It can’t be discussed too much, but what is certain is that what is in the trailer and video clips doesn’t reveal much about the actual Deadpool 2 storyline .

The appointment of David Leitch as a replacement for Tim Miller who resigned from the director’s chair due to “creative differences” is one of Deadpool 2’s positive values . Directed by John Wick and Atomic Blonde – or rather “One of the Two Guys Who Killed John Wick’s Dog” – this provides a touch of action that is more fun. It’s not really a bombastic superhero fight , but the choreography is really easy to follow and still carries terrible and violent scenes . However, behind the dark and violent nature of this film, there is still a heart in it. This is both a surprise and an irony considering Deadpool 2it opens by quipping about a film that follows Deadpool’s R-rated, but this time it’s Deadpool 2 ‘s turn to follow the film’s theme.

Apart from a better script and choreography, of course what makes Deadpool 2 run well is Ryan Reynolds’ performance. Behind the mask, he can deliver the typical Deadpool behavior, and when without the mask we can see the melancholy side. But the surprise here is Zazie Beetz as Domino, a mutant who has the power of luck. The X-Force troops, especially Peter, who was predicted to be funny, turned out to be even more eccentric and would only work for this type of film like Deadpool 2 . Not to mention a number of cameos, mostly just blink-and-you-missed-it , especially the appearance of Brad Pitt.

Last but not least , the selection of soundtrack songs throughout the film is no less eccentric. The lineup of song types can be grouped into 2: evergreen songs which are not really suitable for an action movie, and dubstep songs (or hip hop? I don’t know) which have “naughty” lyrics. The most special thing is the song “Ashes” sung by Celine Dion, which when the video clip appeared it was horrendous because it was like heaven and earth compared to the film, but it turns out that the use of the film is much more special: carrying the opening introala 007. Not to forget the song “Take on me” from band a-ha, which this time uses a melodious acoustic version, giving a new feel in the midst of how often this song has been heard in the last year after I first heard it at La La Land .