Movie Review AXL 2018


FYI, this 100 minute AXL film is Oliver Daly’s debut as a big screen director. He also acts as a screenwriter. He adapted his story from a short film called Miles (2015). Which is also his work. The making of the short film began in 2014. Through a mass funding program. It’s called Kickstarter. The donors, at that time, reached 190 people.

Producer of the Batman The Dark Knight (2005-2012) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) films, David S. Goyer, later became interested in Miles. Together with Kevin Turen, he became one of the producers who, in the end, brought the short film by Oliver Daly to the big screen. In a feature-length film called AXL.

However, unfortunately, despite being backed up by well-known filmmakers, after being released globally on August 24 2018, AXL failed to capture the hearts of critics. However, even so, strangely, this USD 10 million budget film managed to be nominated for the 2018 People’s Choice Awards: Favorite Family Movie category. Maybe, many ordinary viewers think it’s pretty decent.

Goosebumps, by American author RL Stine, is a series of children’s horror novels. Which tells the adventures of children in facing a frightening experience: Fighting monsters and other supernatural creatures.

A total of 62 novel titles had been published, at that time, making Goosebumps a best-selling novel series. In fact, it is able to sell more than 400 million books worldwide. And translated into 32 different languages. Goosebumps is also listed as the second best-selling book series of all time.

The success of the Goosebumps novel series was soon followed by its spin-offs. In addition, there is also a television series. And, not to forget, the film version. Which aired for the first time in 2015.

The intention to bring Goosebumps to the big screen, in fact, has been around since 1998. Fantasy film specialist Tim Burton, at that time, was interested in producing it. However, because he had difficulty adapting his story into a suitable screenplay, the project was never realized.

Ten years later, Columbia Pictures, which is now Sony Pictures, acquired the rights to film Goosebumps. However, the story is not taken from any of his novels. Because it is considered too short.

The first Goosebumps film, which was released back in 2015, ended up being something of a biopic. aka biopic. About the author: RL Stine. Played by Jack Black. In the film, it is said, RL Stine has to face monsters that are “apart” from his book. Who spread terror in the real world.

And, as a result, the first Goosebumps film was quite successful in the market: It was able to earn USD 150 million. With a capital of “only” USD 58-84 million. In addition, the response from the critics, at that time, was also quite good. The horror comedy film directed by Rob Letterman is rated as a kid-friendly film. The success of the first Goosebumps film, finally, made Sony Pictures tempted to produce a sequel: Goosebumps 2. Which has been airing globally since Friday (12/10).