Movie Review American Made


In 2017, Tom Cruise played in two films. The first is the reboot of The Mummy. Which was released last June. Which, unfortunately, received a negative response from the critics. The second is American Made. Which started showing in cinemas last Friday (25/8).

When compared to The Mummy, which was prepared as a blockbuster with a jumbo budget, this American Made film, you could say, is a small project. Which is quiet from the news. However, ndilalah, the film, which was originally titled Mena, has received quite a positive response from critics.

The story of American Made itself is based on true events. Experienced by former commercial airplane pilots. The name is Barry Seal (played by Tom Cruise in this film). Back in the 1980s, initially, Barry Seal worked as a pilot for TWA (Trans World Airlines). However, his fate then changed after meeting a CIA agent. The name is Monty Schafer (played by Domhnall Gleeson). Who offered him a new job: As a spy. aka spy.

Because he was fed up with his routine as a pilot, finally, Barry Seal accepted Monty Schafer’s offer. He was then assigned to Central America. To spy on the activities of the communists there. However, unfortunately, Barry Seal’s espionage actions were later discovered by a Colombian drug cartel. Namely: the Medellin Cartel. Led by Pablo Escobar. That legendary one.

However, instead of being arrested, Barry Seal was then offered to the Medellin Cartel to smuggle drugs: From Central America to the United States. By air. Tempted by the huge reward, Barry then accepts an offer from the Medellin Cartel. His life immediately changed. Barry, in the end, played a dual role: both a CIA agent and a drug smuggler. In fact, including the largest in the world. What will happen to Barry next?

Btw, in terms of story, according to critics, the plot of American Made is quite unpredictable. Because Barry Seal’s life story is unique and interesting. Moreover, he is known as a funny and sloppy figure. The exciting and funny life story of Barry Seal is supported by the expertise of Gary Spinelli in writing the screenplay for this film. In addition, the director, Doug Liman, is also experienced in making action films set in espionage.

In addition to Doug Liman, Tom Cruise also received a lot of praise in this American Made film. After being considered a failure in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) and The Mummy (2017), Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband is considered capable of playing the character of Barry Seal nicely. In accordance with the original figure of Seal, who is slenge’an, Cruise is able to make jokes that will make the audience laugh.

Indeed, in this American Made film, Barry Seal’s character is not as cool as Mission: Impossible’s Ethan Hunt. However, Tom Cruise’s acting, which is natural, spontaneous, and passionate, is credited with making this 115-minute film feel more real. According to the real story.

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