Movie Review Alpha


When wolves were first tamed. About 20,000 years ago. On mainland Europe. This Alpha film tells the adventures of Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Son of the chief of the Tau tribe (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson). Which, it is said, was preparing to hunt wild bulls. aka bison. As a food “Blackpink The Movie” supply when winter hits.

However, unfortunately, when he was hunting for the first time, it is said, Keda was horned by a bison. Then he fell into the abyss. The naughty boy, in the end, was “Căn Phòng Tử Thần 2: Cái Chết Trở Lại” separated from his father and his group. They then assumed Keda had died in the hunt for his debut.

However, even so, fate said otherwise. Apparently, Keda is still alive. In an injured condition, he tries to survive in the wild. Including, defending from “Escape Room Tournament of Champions” attacks by hordes of ferocious wolves. One of which he managed to hurt.

In the end, after the wolves left, only Keda was left with the injured wolf. After that, gradually, the two creatures of different species “Ấn Quỷ” that were originally hostile began to depend on each other. They later became friends. Then work together to find a way back home. Before winter strikes!

Btw, actually, Alpha is the name “The Unholy” for the leader of a pack of wolves. Which, as a rule, stands alone and separate from the other wolves. However, in this film, Alpha is used as the name of a wild wolf. Which, in the end, becomes a friend who accompanies Keda on an adventure.

The premise of this historical “Khát Vọng Đổi Đời” adventure genre Alpha film is, in fact, ordinary. The struggle of an inexperienced boy, with no experience, to survive in the wild. In addition, the main character is only Keda. And Alpha wolf. Played by Chuck. A five year old dog. The type is Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

However, as it turned out, the story of the Alpha film, which is “Hố Địa Ngục” classified as cliché and simple, managed to touch the hearts of critics. When it was released in America in August 2018, the majority of critics praised this 97-minute film. Alpha is considered capable of moving the emotions “Kẻ Vô Danh” of the audience. Many lessons can be drawn from the friendship story of Keda and his wolf in this film.

In addition, the visualization that Alpha displays on the big screen is also very charming. The cinematography is pleasing to the eye. Director Albert Hughes is indeed very effective in describing the condition of Europe “Nobody Knows” in prehistoric times. Starting from the desert, savanna, to the flickering aurora. Everything seemed so real. Complete with the sounds of nature and the roar of the beasts. Which, not only makes me upset, but also gripping.

As a result, although Alpha’s storyline seems a bit slow, the film released by Sony Pictures is considered not boring. Director Albert Hughes has successfully combined various visual “Cô Gái Trẻ Hứa Hẹn CGV” aspects, characterizations, and the relationship between Keda and Alpha into a slick cinematic work. Which, in the end, managed to touch the hearts of the audience.

Harry Potter still holds the record for being the most successful young adult magic-themed film based on a novel. However, in 2018, there was the film The House with a Clock in Its Walls.