Movie Review 47 Meters Down


Although they were hesitant at first, out of curiosity and challenged, in the end, Kate and Lisa tried. And start enjoying it. However, the thrilling adventure immediately turned into a disaster. To be precise, when the chains that bound their iron cages suddenly detached from the ship. The two girls then drowned. Up to 47 meters deep on the seabed. Infested with ferocious sharks!

With the oxygen supply in the cylinder running low, and a hungry white shark lurking, Lisa and Kate must race against time. They have to find a way out of the cage. Then back to sea level. Can the two girls survive? Or should their smooth bodies end up being eaten by sharks?

Btw, for those who are wondering, is Mandy Moore, who starred in the movie 47 Meters Down, the singer Mandy Moore? The answer is: Yes. Who played in this film is Mandy Moore. Who used to be famous for the song “I Wanna Be with You”.

After making his debut as a voice actor in the comedy Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), the singer is indeed a lot of work in the world of acting. His famous films include: The Princess Diaries (2001). Which he starred with Anne Hathaway. Dan A Walk to Remember (2002). That romantic.

In addition, in 2010, Mandy Moore also returned as a voice actor in the Disney animated film: Tangled. The 33-year-old flower widow plays Rapunzel. The girl with long hair. Which, this year, will be reprising his role in the television series Tangled.

Meanwhile, 47 Meters Down itself, initially, will only be released on DVD and home video by Dimension Films. Titled: In the Deep. However, Entertainment Studios later purchased the distribution rights to the film. Then released it in theaters in the United States.

And, as a result, so far, the response from some critics and review sites has been pretty decent. Although it is still far from Jaws, and not as tense as The Shallows, this 89 minute film is considered to still offer thrilling scenes.

The story of the mummy seems endless to be lifted to the big screen. Since it was first filmed in 1932, The Mummy franchise has continued to grow. And became one of the most popular horror-adventure film themes in Hollywood.

No half-hearted, in the period 1932 to 1971, as many as 10 films about mummies were released in theaters. Of which six films were produced by Universal Pictures. And four other films made by Hammer Productions of England.

After that, however, the mummy film franchise seemed to be in suspended animation for nearly 30 years. Until then Universal Pictures tried to revive the franchise in 1999 ago. Through the movie The Mummy. Directed by Stephen Sommers. By carrying Brendan Fraser and the beautiful Rachel Weisz as the two main stars.

The Stephen Sommers version of the mummy film is selling well in the market. Therefore, not surprisingly, The Mummy project was then continued with a sequel. The title is The Mummy Returns (2001). In addition, a spin-off film was also released: The Scorpion King (2002). Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the Kelly Hu.