Movie Recommendations on World Singles Day for Friends Ambyar


World Singles Day which falls on Thursday, November 11, 2021, is commemorated as the ‘Eid of the ambyar friends.If your single time happens to be on World Singles Day , remember this is not a curse but an opportunity for your lost friend to improve yourself with good things.

One of them is to express it by taking a walk, shopping at e-commerce where there are lots of discounts on World Singles Day , or even just watching a movie .

Well, apart from songs, of course, we have compiled from various sources. Here are 5 recommendations for the best films from the version for you to watch, when you are lonely during the special moments of World Singles Day :

1. Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy tells the journey of Ryan Reynolds who plays a bank teller named Guy. Everyday, he was always robbed and attacked by many people.

At first Guy thought he was just one of the characters in a video until finally he realized that he was just a non-playable character (NPC) or a character that can’t be played in a video game.

2. Long Shot (2019)

This romantic comedy-themed film tells of Seth Rogen as Fred Flarsky who is a talented and free-spirited journalist by profession.Then unexpectedly he must meet his childhood friend Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) who is running for President of the United States.

From that meeting Charlotte hired Fred to write her speech, and on their way they developed a love affair.

3. Friendship (2020)

A comedy film that tells the story of Putri (Prisia Nasution) who is challenged to attend the wedding of her ex Dheni (Samuel Rizal).
To prove that she had moved on, Putri made a move by inviting three of her friends to accompany her to the event.But what happened was chaos after all three came together.

4. 21 Jump Street (2012)

Although this film is quite long, it still entertains comedy lovers, with story plots that are able to shake the stomach of the audience.
Tells about the disguise of two policemen assigned to find and arrest drug dealers at a school.But their mission doesn’t go smoothly and instead destroys the friendship between the two.

5. Buddy Ambyar (2021)

Tells the story of Jatmiko (Bhisma Mulia) a coffee trader who falls in love with the beautiful figure of Saras (Denira Wiraguna).
But unfortunately instead of his love being reciprocated, Jatmiko had to endure disappointment after finding out that Saras had a girlfriend, Abdul (Rezca Syam).

Not to forget, in the film Sobat Ambyar, the late Didi Kempot also played a cameo.