Movie characters change roles in sequels other than Fantastic Beasts Part 2


1. Rachel Dawes (The Dark Knight)

Those of you who watched The Dark Knight trilogy certainly know that the first two films presented Batman’s love interest, Rachel Dawes. In Batman Begins (2005), Rachel is played by Katie Holmes. The actress was originally planned to reappear in the sequel, namely The Dark Knight (2008). However, he chose to withdraw from the film.

Holmes resigned from The Dark Knight because he prefers to star in another film called Mad Money (2008). In fact, Holmes was offered a fairly large salary for The Dark Knight, which is around 1-2 million dollars (about Rp. 14.5 to Rp. 29 billion). While at Mad Money, Holmes only earned a salary of 250,000 dollars (about Rp. 3.7 billion).

After Holmes withdrew, Warner Bros. recruited Maggie Gyllenhaal to play Rachel in The Dark Knight. Despite missing a great opportunity, Holmes admitted that he had no regrets and praised Gyllenhaal’s performance.

2. Victoria (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)

Who used to be crazy about The Twilight Saga film series? In the first three films, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are quite confused by the presence of a vampire named Victoria. You see, Victoria really wants to kill Bella out of revenge for the death of her lover who was killed by Edward in Twilight (2008).

Both in Twilight and New Moon (2009), Victoria is played by the same actress, Rachelle Lefevre. However, before filming Eclipse (2010), Lefevre could not return because he had already signed a contract to star in Barney’s Vision (2010).

Summit Entertainment finally looked for another actress to play Victoria in Eclipse and their choice fell to Bryce Dallas Howard. The interesting fact is that Howard has been offered to be Victoria since the first Twilight film. But at that time, Howard turned down his offer because he felt Victoria was a minor role.