Most Popular Korean Celebrities of 2022, No Surprise in the Top Two (K-Pop)


The list of the most popular and influential Korean celebrities has recently been released by Global Forbes .

The list features celebrities, both those who work as K-Pop groups to footballers ranging from tenth to first position as artists who have high fame and popularity in Korea.

The popularity of these celebrities is measured by their achievements and fame on social media, television channels and several other media.

For this reason, the following will display a list of the 10 most influential celebrities in Korea as reported by Koreaboo on Friday (29/4).

1. BTS
K-Pop group BTS ranks first for the list of the most popular celebrities in South Korea in 2022 according to Forbes. The brilliant achievements of this K-Pop group need not be doubted.

Their fame even reached foreign countries with many fans. Their recent Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas in the United States also helped raise the group’s popularity in Korea and the world.

Forbes places the K-Pop girl group, BLACKPINK, at the second place on the list of the most popular celebrities in 2022.

The success of the album and the performance of each girl group consisting of four cute and beautiful women made them so famous even abroad with millions of fans.

3. Son Heung Min who works as a soccer player
The list of the third most popular celebrities in South Korea is occupied by professional football player Son Heung Min.

This Tottenham Hotspur player also serves as captain for the South Korean national team so that for the people of the Ginseng country, Son is one of the greatest players of all time.

4. Hyun Jin Ryu who works as a Baseball Player
Hyun is the only Korean professional baseball athlete to be included in the Forbes list this time. Hyun’s ability to play baseball is very interesting and a motivation for many people in Korea.

5. Lee Chanwon who works as a singer .
Lee Chanwon is a singer who also participated in the Mr. competition. Trot 2020 and managed to become the third winner.

Lee has won many awards so that he fills many television shows and his popularity continues to rise.

6. Lee Seung Gi who works as Actor, Host and Singer
Because of his multitalented talent, Lee Seung Gi is very popular with many Korean people.

Lee has won so many awards throughout his career that Forbes ranked him as the sixth most popular celebrity in Korea.

7. Lim Young Woong who works as a singer
Lim Young Woong is the champion in the Mr. competition event . Trot in 2020. He won many awards in the event and made him very idolized in Korea.

This is evidenced by the subscribers on his YouTube account which reached 1.3 million subscribers.

8. Youn Yuh Jung who works as an actress
Forbes put Youn Yuh Jung in eighth position as the most popular actress in Korea. Youn is a local actress who has spread her career wings to the international scene. Youn Yuh Jung’s acting and humor made her very popular with many fans in Korea.

9. Yoo Jae Suk who works as a comedian and TV presenter
Yoo Jae Suk is the ninth most popular celebrity in Korea. He works as a host of shows such as Infinite , Challenge , Running Man , and several others.

His humorous and fun personality made Yoo Jae Suk very well-liked in Korea which put him in this position.

10. Jang Minho who works as a singer
In the tenth position was occupied by singer Jang Minho who had participated in the competition at the Mr. Trot 2020. Jang Minho gained fame after qualifying for the final round and taking sixth place.