Most Cruel Criminals Ever in Anime, Make You Upset!


Each anime features antagonists with different strengths, goals, and crimes. Some of them just want power, and some just want power. Meanwhile, on the other hand there are criminals who are only obsessed with destruction.

These criminals don’t want wealth or power, but they just love to see their victims suffer. This time, the author has summarized the five cruelest villains ever in anime. Curious who the characters are? Check out the following reviews.

Griffith (Berserk) : At first, Griffith is introduced as one of the protagonists in this series. Griffith is the one who gives Guts a little bit of happiness, by inviting Guts to join his group. However, after being imprisoned and receiving brutal torture, Griffith turns into a gruesome, gruesome criminal.

Griffith willingly sacrifices his own friends so that he is reincarnated as a member of the Hand of God, Femto. When Guts fights the demons, Griffith also abuses Guts’ lover, Casca, before his eyes.

Johan Liebert (Monster) : Without a doubt, Johan Liebert is the most terrifying psychopath in anime. During his time as a serial killer, Johan has killed the family who adopted him and the companions of the person who once saved his life.

Johan also has extraordinary charisma, so he can influence people to do what he tells him to do. Johan was even able to get all the students and instructors of the military training program in Germany to kill each other.

Because of his crimes, the Neo-Nazi party even offered him to become the new Adolf Hitler. However, Johan refuses by slaughtering them all.

Mayor (Hellsing Ultimate) : Mayor is the main antagonist in the Hellsing Ultimate series and the leader of the Millennium organization. Major doesn’t want power or power, where he becomes a criminal simply because he is so obsessed with war.

Major loves to see destruction, genocide, and all the terrible things that happen in war. Major’s only goal is to start a war that has no end. Major begins to declare war on the world by committing a massive genocide in London.

Previously, Major was a Nazi soldier whose plans had been thwarted by Alucard and Walter. After World War II ended, Major went into hiding for 50 years to gather allies and carry out his grand plan.