Most Attention-stealing K-Pop Idol Comeback Songs Released April 2022


Throughout April 2022, there have been several comebacks of K-Pop idols that have grabbed quite a bit of attention. Even the appearance of this comeback is hard to forget.

Unique themes, touching song lyrics are even able to bring K-Pop idols to the top of the charts of a number of platforms.

Here are the 10 most attention-grabbing K-Pop songs released throughout April 2022 .

1. “Love Dive” – IVE

The song “Love Dive” is the second single from a relatively new girl group , IVE .

Love Dive was released on April 5, 2022 and consists of two tracks including the lead single of the same name.

Until now, the Love Dive MV has been watched more than 65.79 million times on YouTube.

2. “Still Life” – BIGBANG

One day before the previous group, BIGBANG ‘s comeback song “Still Life” was released on April 4, 2022 .

Long time no see, the song “Still Life” had captured the attention of K-Pop music lovers as well as questioned the sustainability of this group that had been formed since 2006.

But YG Entertainment explained that there was no meaning of farewell in the song. Instead, Still Life became a new beginning for BIGBANG .

3. “Love” – ​​MONSTA X

MONSTA X’s comeback song , which was released on April 26 , 2022 , has been watched more than 22.45 million times.

The song “Love” is included in the mini album entitled “Shape of Love” along with other tracklists such as Burning Up, Breathe, Wildfire, Love You and END.

4. “Zoom” – Jessi

Jessi ‘s newest song, which is easy listening , went viral in an instant after many used “Zoom” as a TikTok sound video.

Thanks to her popularity, Jessi ‘s MV Zoom has now been viewed more than 21.30 million times on YouTube.

5. “Darl+ing” – SEVENTEEN

“Darl+ing” is the first English single to be introduced as a pre-release track ahead of the release of SEVENTEEN’s new album.

The MV Darl+ing which was released on April 15, 2022 has been watched by more than 20.06 pairs of eyes on YouTube.

6. “MAISON” – Dreamcatcher

The song “MAISON” tells about the desire to remain in the world despite the apocalypse.

The song MAISON is the title track of Dreamcatcher’s second album, “Apocalypse: Save Us”.

Until now, the MV MAISON has been watched more than 19.75 million times.

7. “That That” – PSY

The song “That That” is the main song of PSY’s 9th album entitled “9th Ssada9.

This time, PSY collaborated with Suga BTS for a duet on the song That That.

The MV That That was just released on April 29 and has been watched more than 18.03 million times.

8. “Anthem of Teen Spirit” – EPEX

The song “Anthem of Teen Spirit” is EPEX’s first comeback in 2022.

Anthem of Teen Spirit is included in EPEX’s third mini album entitled “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1: 21st Century Boys”.

9. “Glitch” – Eunbi

Released on April 4, 2022 , the MV “Glitch” has been viewed more than 13.56 million times.

The song Glitch is the main song from Kwon Eunbi’s second mini album, entitled “COLOR”.

10. “Undercover” – VERIVERY

The song “Undercover” is included in VERIVERY’s album “VERIVERY SERIES O [ROUND 3: WhoLE]”.

The Undercover MV, which was released on April 25 , 2022 , has been viewed more than 10.88 million times on YouTube.