Mortal Kombat Movie Review: Entertaining Everyone


Mortal Kombat is one of the most legendary fighting game franchises in the world. With many active players and regular tournaments, the Mortal Kombat fanboy community is quite militant. Outside of fans, ordinary people will also be familiar with this one franchise. It’s no wonder that die-hard fans choose to wait for a review of the latest Mortal Kombat film before watching it for themselves to make sure their favorite franchise isn’t just a joke.

This time had the opportunity to watch this Mortal Kombat film. The author himself watched the non-censored version of Mortal Kombat . So, is this film worth watching? If you’re curious, here’s a review of the Mortal Kombat film directed by Simon McQuiod.


Mortal Kombat itself is an action film based on the original story of the game franchise. The difference is, this film features an original character, a paid MMA fighter named Cole Young who has a birthmark in the form of a Mortal Kombat dragon symbol.

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Cole Young, who is still on the verge of finding an identity, meets Jax, another fighter who tells him everything he knows about the dragon crest and the great battle called Mortal Kombat. While telling Cole, we are brought to the conflict between Sub-Zero and Scorpion that has been going on for hundreds of years before. Long story short, the fighters from Earthrealm led by Raiden faced off against fighters from Outworld led by Tsang Tsung.


Concerns about the bad film adaptation of the game seem to have been overcome by Mortal Kombat. Instead of making a new storyline that is inconsequential and becomes a joke, this film takes the main story of the first Mortal Kombat, namely the feud between Earthrealm and Outworld. This is very interesting considering that we look at each character again with their respective strengths.

Not only about the story, the costumes of the characters in this film are also made authentically and made as close as possible to the original costumes. Sub-Zero and Scorpion costumes are the main highlights in this film. In addition, some of the fatalities and moves issued by the characters are very similar to the game. Like Kano taking the heart, Kung Lao’s fatality and Liu Kang’s fire dragon. It’s even cooler because the characters also say some typical Mortal Kombat dialogues such as ‘Finish Him’, ‘Flawless Victory’ and so on. In short, so far Mortal Kombat has adapted and is on the right track

Entertaining Everyone

As already discussed, Mortal Kombat is a film that is quite satisfying for fanboys. In addition, this film also managed to entertain those who do not understand the concept of Mortal Kombat. This balance is also very important for a film that is designed to make money.

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Although the choreography is not spectacular, the acting is not optimal, the brutality and some fight scenes are very entertaining. The CGI is also not bad and mediocre. Apart from that, Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion are the main stars of this film. Although Josh Lawson is also cool because his jokes are very entertaining. Again, Taslim and Sanada’s acting is very strong, the anger can be seen in their eyes. Unfortunately, the fight scenes between the two are only shown for 10 minutes, at the beginning and end of the film.

Despite all that, Mortal Kombat managed to prove themselves that they are able to provide true entertainment for viewers who are in difficult times. Hopefully, the sequel to this film will further refine the choreography and increase the duration of the essential battle.